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Content Managed Websites

Do you want to be able to change your website content easily?

We can design your website to use Content Management System allowing you to be in control of your website.

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By having a well designed Content Managed (CMS) website you are able to easily update your website by adding new pages, editing existing pages and deleting pages. This allows you to be control of your website, saving you time and money. Each CMS website is designed for you and your business needs.

How does a Content Management System work?

We can design your website so you can login into a secure, backend administrator system which is hidden from the frontend of your website. After logging in you will easily be able to add a page, edit existing pages and remove pages that are no longer needed. To perform these tasks it involves simply filling out a web form, adding in the pages title, content and pressing “publish”. These changes will then appear on the frontend of your website. 

After setting up your content managed website we provide a training session and guide to help you to easily make changes to your website. Why not get in touch today to see what we can do for your website?


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