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    Image for Out with the old & In with the new

    Out with the old & In with the new

    I'm sure you're all aware of some recent logo changes. For example, Starbucks changed their logo a few years ago - from the more detailed, and enclosed design of the last few years; Starbucks dec...
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    Image for Grab yourself a slice of the christmas pudding

    Grab yourself a slice of the christmas pudding

    Everyone’s favourite time of year is on its way!… No… Not Summer!… Christmas!! Although you may be planning your sunny trips over to your favourite seaside designation and dusting off the ...
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    Image for Unfolding Modern Graphic Design

    Unfolding Modern Graphic Design

    “66% of the users time on a normal media page, is spent below the fold.”* (“the fold” is the metaphorical line on a webpage dividing the portion of visible content when the page is first load...
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    Image for Inspirational website design

    Inspirational website design

    With the recent launch of our new website, we thought we'd take a step back and share with you some of the inspiration behind our design. We designed our new site within the mould and ideals of rec...
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    Image for Logo Inspiration – Green

    Logo Inspiration – Green

    The Gloriousness of Green. Green is universally associated with nature. Green Symbolises ecology and the environment. Traffic lights are green all over the world and signify moving forwards. With all...
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    Image for Vive la digital révolution!

    Vive la digital révolution!

      It's a mobile future… Though predictions as to exactly when vary a little, the people in the know are unanimous in the opinion that sometime in the next couple of years, mobile browsing...
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    Image for Logo Inspiration – Red

    Logo Inspiration – Red

    The Power of Red. Red is bold. Red is superior. Red is passion. Red shows determination. Red is deluxe. Red follows love. Red means victory! Here we have put together a few red logos to inspire and ...
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    Image for What does your home page promise?

    What does your home page promise?

    Promises Promises Promises. If only they were as easy to keep as they are to say. Promises are everywhere these days and business is no exception. Companies promise customers this and that, 'Free del...
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    Image for Why Vintage?

    Why Vintage?

    The vintage/retro trend has been going strong for quite a few years now. But whether it's vintage second-hand clothing, retro photo filters, nostalgic gifts, 1920's themed weddings or shabby chic furn...
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    Image for Contextualisation in Album Artwork Design

    Contextualisation in Album Artwork Design

    When it comes to illustrating their music, many creative musicians make reference to past art movements, world events, iconic designs and photographers within the artwork of their records. It's a grea...
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    Image for Right Way Up, Upside Down – Ambigram Logos

    Right Way Up, Upside Down – Ambigram Logos

    Ambigram Logos An ambigram is a form of art or typographical design which can be seen or read the same way if viewed from another direction or orientation. A classic demonstration of this is a 18...
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    Image for Logo Inspiration

    Logo Inspiration

    Every so often, we like to have a look around for some inspirational logos we can share with you. Check out the below and let us know what you think. Disclaimer: We are not attempting to take a...
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