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    Image for Responsive Emails

    Responsive Emails

    Responsive Design allows us to adapt pages for different sized devices to give the user the best experience on their particular device rather than compromising between the two. This is something th...
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    Image for How to prepare for an interview video shoot

    How to prepare for an interview video shoot

    We are often involved in producing video's for our clients that involve interview style shoots. In this blog post we give some tips and tricks which help our 'victims' through this daunting process!...
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    Image for Getting an App built – Matt Davies

    Getting an App built – Matt Davies

    Yesterday, Creative Director and owner of Attitude Design, Matt Davies, was down in London at the Barbican. He'd been asked to speak by the arts panel of the "Worshipful company of Information Tec...
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    Image for Better Brand Identity

    Better Brand Identity

    Brand Identity: What it really means We all hear the term “Brand Identity” bounced around but what does it really mean for you and your business? This introduction will explain how a Brand Id...
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    Image for Introduction to Google Analytics by John Cutts

    Introduction to Google Analytics by John Cutts

    Hello! We’ve invited John Cutts, a Marketing Assistant in the Financial Services to write a guest post for us. John has written an Introduction to Google Analytics and why perhaps you should be ...
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    Image for ‘Tis the season

    ‘Tis the season

    Autumn is upon us, summer is practically over, and the festive season is edging closer! Now to a consumer, the holiday thoughts won’t (and probably shouldn’t, let’s be honest) start until so...
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    Image for Vive la digital révolution!

    Vive la digital révolution!

      It's a mobile future… Though predictions as to exactly when vary a little, the people in the know are unanimous in the opinion that sometime in the next couple of years, mobile browsing...
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    Image for How do you get your employees to engage with your brand?

    How do you get your employees to engage with your brand?

    Here at Attitude Design we would suggest that there are three stages that employees need to go through in order to engage with a company's brand identity. Firstly, we all need to understand the i...
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    Image for What does your home page promise?

    What does your home page promise?

    Promises Promises Promises. If only they were as easy to keep as they are to say. Promises are everywhere these days and business is no exception. Companies promise customers this and that, 'Free del...
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    Image for HTML – Coding Basics

    HTML – Coding Basics

    The basics of HTML Coding HTML Coding? Wouldn’t know where to start? Well, we’ve got one of our developers here at Attitude Design to explain the basics. Before you begin: Open up a t...
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    Image for The Future of Design

    The Future of Design

    Mobile Web & Responsive Web Design Mobile device sales reached new heights in 2012 and Morgan Stanley analysts have predicted that by 2015, mobile web will be bigger than desktop internet use. ...
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    Image for Improving your brand experience

    Improving your brand experience

    If you own a business you have a brand. You may not know it or you might be very aware of this fact - however the important thing to realise is how to make the most out of your brand. What is a br...
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