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    Image for Summer Portfolio

    Summer Portfolio

    It's that time again! Attitude Design have been busy throughout the summer months, and we'd just love to share our projects with you. Summer has been an extremely productive season for us, with ...
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    Image for Holden Copley Bus Campaign

    Holden Copley Bus Campaign

      If you are in Nottingham, this summer, you may have noticed the launch of a new estate agents in Arnold: Holden Copley. This Arnold based estate agent came to Attitude Design for a new ...
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    Image for The King of the Worms

    The King of the Worms

    Here at Attitude Design we occasionally like to take breaks. Sometimes on these breaks we feel like stepping back into the 1990's and having a game of Worms (a modern iteration being Worms Revolutio...
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    Image for The Little Sweet Shop – coming to a shop near you soon!

    The Little Sweet Shop – coming to a shop near you soon!

      It's time for us to share a recent project with you. This project in particular is one we are extremely fond of due to our studio being dominated by confectionary loving folk! Polyv...
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    Image for Spring Portfolio

    Spring Portfolio

    The time has come again to show you some more work that the Attitude design studio has been busy producing. Spring has been an extremely productive season for us, with Attitude Design being involv...
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    Image for Reach for the stars

    Reach for the stars

    After the launch of our new rocket child- or the rebranded website as some might prefer to refer to it as - we have been inundated with positive feed back for it. Apollo 13 may have made it to th...
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    Image for Inspirational website design

    Inspirational website design

    With the recent launch of our new website, we thought we'd take a step back and share with you some of the inspiration behind our design. We designed our new site within the mould and ideals of rec...
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    Image for We have lift off!

    We have lift off!

    "Go flight" Many people comment that our geeks desks look like a NASA control system, and indeed they have been working hard we finally do have lift off! Attitude Design have entered into spring wi...
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    Image for Using Internet Explorer 8? You don’t know what you’re missing out on!!

    Using Internet Explorer 8? You don’t know what you’re missing out on!!

    The internet out there is big and vast. It's there, ready for you to explore, and your browser is your window into this world of information. Having an up-to-date browser is essential to viewing mode...
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    Image for New Website – Sneak Peek

    New Website – Sneak Peek

    Coming soon to a browser near you... One of the major problems being a Design Agency is practicing what you preach. Although the core marketing and branding methodologies stay the same, techniques,...
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    Image for “Today, I’m going to ‘shoot’ someone”

    “Today, I’m going to ‘shoot’ someone”

    Yes, that was a photography based pun. They do say to always start with a joke... Anyway, good news readers! Alex (one of our creative minds behind the scenes) has had some of his lovely photograph...
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    Image for A New Year Message from Attitude Design

    A New Year Message from Attitude Design

    Well folks, 2014 has arrived and Attitude are here for you as always, providing fresh new design for all your marketing needs. Being the new year and all we thought it would be nice to take some ti...
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