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    Image for Branding Basics 01 – What is a brand?

    Branding Basics 01 – What is a brand?

    What defines a great brand? All good brands stand for something and articulate this across everything they do. They tell a great story their audiences can connect with. In this series of posts we hope...
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    Image for Winter Portfolio

    Winter Portfolio

    It's been a cold and long winter (so far!) but it hasn't stopped our productivity - rather the opposite. We have been nestled away in our new studio producing more creative materials and jazzy n...
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    Image for Design inspiration: Geometric Patterns

    Design inspiration: Geometric Patterns

    Here at Attitude Design we always look out for inspiration and are always inspired by other work we see. We recently have been seeing some beautiful geometric patterns and were keen to highlight some ...
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    Image for Chance of a lifetime!

    Chance of a lifetime!

    Wouldn’t it be cool if a piece of artwork you had designed ended up in the hands of everyone in the UK? Well now’s your chance! The Royal Mint are currently running a competition - they are loo...
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    Image for Logo Inspiration – Green

    Logo Inspiration – Green

    The Gloriousness of Green. Green is universally associated with nature. Green Symbolises ecology and the environment. Traffic lights are green all over the world and signify moving forwards. With all...
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    Image for Better Brand Identity

    Better Brand Identity

    Brand Identity: What it really means We all hear the term “Brand Identity” bounced around but what does it really mean for you and your business? This introduction will explain how a Brand Id...
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    Image for Introduction to Google Analytics by John Cutts

    Introduction to Google Analytics by John Cutts

    Hello! We’ve invited John Cutts, a Marketing Assistant in the Financial Services to write a guest post for us. John has written an Introduction to Google Analytics and why perhaps you should be ...
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    Image for Attitude Designs The Egalitarian Trust Annual Report

    Attitude Designs The Egalitarian Trust Annual Report

    The Egalitarian Trust was first formed in 1993 to save the building now known as the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham Lace Market. The museum was restored and opened as a museum in April 1995 an...
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    Image for ‘Tis the season

    ‘Tis the season

    Autumn is upon us, summer is practically over, and the festive season is edging closer! Now to a consumer, the holiday thoughts won’t (and probably shouldn’t, let’s be honest) start until so...
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    Image for Logo Inspiration – Red

    Logo Inspiration – Red

    The Power of Red. Red is bold. Red is superior. Red is passion. Red shows determination. Red is deluxe. Red follows love. Red means victory! Here we have put together a few red logos to inspire and ...
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    Image for Why Vintage?

    Why Vintage?

    The vintage/retro trend has been going strong for quite a few years now. But whether it's vintage second-hand clothing, retro photo filters, nostalgic gifts, 1920's themed weddings or shabby chic furn...
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    Image for 10 Free Fonts We Dig 2013

    10 Free Fonts We Dig 2013

    Check out these free fonts we have found recently... As you can imagine, we work with typography constantly, along the way we find so many fonts we love. Here is a selection of fonts we have found a...
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