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We are a passionate and professional graphic design company based in Nottingham, UK. We specialize in branding, print design, web design, new media design and marketing strategy. This means we can provide you with plenty of business image improvement ideas as well as carrying them through in style.

Our wide range of services and business-driven approach differentiates us from typical web design companies and design agencies. We will carry out your design requirements across all medias, making us a ‘one stop shop’ for all your design and marketing needs.

With our technical and strategic thinking and a high quality of graphic design, accompanied with personal attention and competitive prices, we believe we have the right attitude to really make a difference.

What A Team

We are a fresh bunch - check out our mug shots below

Matt Davies

Creative Director


The Bible
Asda's "3 for £1" sweets


Christmas (bah-humbug)
Poor typography

Matt is the creative brain behind most of the projects that run through the studio.

He has over 12 years experience in the world of Graphic Design and is enthusiastic and passionate about... well nearly everything!

His background is in branding and he has a keen eye for producing creativity which meets a clients business objectives. Matt has had his design work published in several books and showcased in Computer Arts Magazine and .net Magazine.

He was recently on a panel of experts for the Guardian. We often witness him marching up and down the office muttering creative things to himself.

Ruth Davies

Accounts Department


Yorkshire Tea
White Stuff clothes


Chipboard furniture
Mockery of the Yorkshire accent

Ruth is a dedicated, friendly and professional project manager. She ensures all projects run like clockwork and keeps the studio running shipshape. Ruth blogs for Uglybaby sharing her tips and experience on how to run design projects and manage us all! She is often seen perched at the side of her desk sipping a hot cup of Yorkshire tea.

Paul Allen

Marketing Consultant


Personal Training
Composing Music


Using public transport
People who write in txt
Irresponsible dog-walkers

A friendly chap of precision and organisation. In a past life Paul worked as a Marketing Manager at various global energy companies, but now puts his energy into keeping our clients happy with his charm, wit and err... good looks *ahem*. Paul works on planning, organising and managing resources to achieve a project's goals. He also sometimes dips back into his wealth of experience and helps the team with marketing strategies and copy writing.

Dan Clarke

Web Developer


Apple Inc
Lake District


Early mornings
Soap operas

Dan is a geek with attitude. He ensures all the brilliant designs work across the web. Most of the time he is drinking large quantities of Red Bull and discussing the latest Apple technologies. Some people suggest he is part machine but we know the truth... he is actually a cyborg.


Web Developer


Cornish Coast



Scotty is a cool, calm and collected geek. When passing his desk, which looks like a NASA mission control room, you will often see reams of code displayed which mean little to us mere mortals. Scotty looks after a lot of the web development ensuring that the technical side of things runs with the precision of a quest into space. "Beam us up Scotty"...

Dan Spencer

Project Manager


Leeds Utd


Leeds Utd

Dan is a friendly and enthusiastic member of our team. He has a classic case of the munchies, spending the day with packets of mini chedders on his desk. Of course work comes first... he is on the ball and always has an eye for possible opportunities for you and for us! He is a key member of Attitude Design and brings his management and organisational skills to the table along with superb recipes for iced coffees and a cool atmosphere.

Alex Hughes

Graphic Designer


Aresnal FC
FIlm photography


Tottenham Hotspur

A creative through and through. With a discerning eye for detail, Alex is always looking for fresh and engaging new ideas. He has a keen eye for design and photography, ensuring that whatever he comes up with is both beautiful and candy for the eye.


37Brews a day
678Songs listened to this week
29Average studio age
7,781Cat pictures viewed last month
40Worms Bazooka'd daily
4,006Lines of code written weekly

The client love

Ref. design aesthetics the app is tip-top, Attitude’s acumen here is well established. And this has been lauded by pretty much every app user I’ve spoken to.

Asim Ilyas, Debtology

Just looked at pre and post redesign stats in google analyitics, 87% increase in site traffic.  It’s not all about numbers though, it’s quality of site viewers, we’ve gained clients like ‘Iceland Foods’, ‘Debenhams’ and ‘M&S’ directly from the website

Mike Hunter, Better Languages | Nottingham UK

You guys have really done a superb job and the brand is proving to be really successful.

Cathy Rawson, Galleries of Justice | Nottingham UK

What makes them so good? Where do we start… Ideas… Matt and the team love ideas and get as excited about them just as much as we do. Attitude deliver. And they deliver in a personalised way, with Matt in particular making sure the design elements were to our satisfaction and exactly what we wanted. We love Attitude Design and we look forward to working with them on IncomeMAX over the coming years. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Lee Healey, IncomeMAX | London UK

We liked the message driven approach which Attitude suggested as well as the work they completed on our calls to action – highly important areas of the site which Attitude have got spot on! The launch of the new design has been a great success, we have seen an increase in enquires and are convinced that the design which Attitude produced has helped us to reach new areas of the market.

Nathan Hill-Haimes, Managed Comms | UK

We wanted a standout logo. Attitude Design delivered to perfection. On time, with minimum fuss, optimum communication and maximum results. All via email from the other side of the world.

Kevin Yaxley, Airways Hotels | Bootless Bay Golf Club | Papua New Guinea

The project was handled professionally and within timescales, the end result is great, its looks good and works well and my customers are all very complimentary. I would not hesitate to recommend Attitude Design.

Teresa Benham, Hens For Pets UK

Right from our first contact with the Attitude team, we’ve found them professional, prompt and cheerful. In fact, they’re a dream to have on board, compared with other design and web agencies we’ve dealt with.

Sally Middlemiss, Rutland Cycling | UK

We love your work Attitude!  Very friendly service to boot.  Looking forward to working with you again.

Mark Demicoli,



Coming soon...


Interview for
Living in the Limelight

Public Speaking
at the Barbican


Featured in
.net magazine

Work published
Cambridge University Press

Book Review featured
Merrell Publishing


Logo design showcased
Liaoning Publishing

Tutorial Pubished
Smashing Mag

Experts Advice
Inspires Me

DAMT Video Expert
Arts Audiences


Guardian Expert
The Guardian

Pixel Arts Magazine
Logo designs featured

Work published in "Symbol"
Laurence King Publishing


Showcased in Pixel Arts
September 2009


Showcased in Pixel Arts
Brand identity & animation

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