Winter Portfolio

Winter is the season of hibernation. It's all about dark mornings and even darker nights, it's about wearing two jumpers rather than one, and staying snuggled up in bed until the very last possible minute before braving the icy outdoors. Although we sure do enjoy our saturday morning lie-ins, the Attitude team are an energetic bunch, we like to keep our minds and creative senses sharp.

What better way to keep fresh during the season of hibernation than to keep active. Alex and Amy are both enthusiastic gym goers and belong to their local gym, Alex is partial to the red-exposed brick work and industrial style of the gym, but we can excuse him for his creative preferences... Tuesday night football is compulsary, it gives the guys and Amy a chance to run off any steam and get a little competative. The Spencer brothers recruit every week for a climbing session, they are regulars and literally live to climb. And then of course winter is Scotty's favorite time of the year- its skiing season.  

The sleepy winter months are slowly coming to an end and the first signs of spring are beginning to show. Here at the Attitude Design studio the Attitude team have been busily working away the dark winter days doing an awful lot of story telling, designing, drawing, filming, coffee drinking and porridge eating to ensure we are all set for spring. 


Additive Manufacturing Conference

We were excited to work with the Additive Manufacturing team again. This time we built them a clean, responsive website that houses all the information and book functionality for an annual conference they host. The design very much uses similar aspects of the Added Scientific side and brand (which can be seen here) - and uses sharp and engaging photography.

Atlantis tanks

This winter we rebranded Atlantis Tanks Ltd. Their story is based around the mythological city of Atlantis, so naturally we refined their new style based around this. The emblem of the 'A' is inspired by the towers of this mystical city, it also represents strength and stability. To strengthen this brand we also were commisioned to create the brand guidelines (which you can see below). These guidelines help to push their values and also encourage ongoing materials to all be based around the attributes of Atlantis and the new brand language.




As a team we were very excited when Nikon came to us wanting a sales app that would log crucial information. We worked on an application which helped the Nikon team to streamline their enitre sales process, which is now being used by the Nikon team at exhibitions. Below are the mockups of what we produced.

Lobster Bags

For Lobster Bags we created concepts for a logo for their up and coming Lobster Bag brand. The brand houses a vibrant orange and a simple icon style lobster as the main emblem. Below you will see how the final logo is both iconic and flexible.

Touch of Unique: Acrylics

Touch of Unique came to us with additional products to be added to their current site. This winter we added a section for customisable acrylic picture frames - you can see more on their site here.

Eat Sleep Live: Winter Campaign

Our long standing client  Eat Sleep Live comissioned us to do a winter campaign. This campaign had the theme of 'The Great Indoors' and was focussed around people shutting out the winter cold and snuggling up inside with their family, friends and furniture. The campaign used warm colours and attractive graphics to help portray its message effectively and to make the campaign inviting. 




Stranbridge came to us early in the year for a rebrand. Whilst this is still ongoing (look out for it in the spring portfolio post!) - we can share a recent photo shoot that we took to begin to enhance the brand. These images all follow their brand story and their brand values.