Why AIDA no longer works

The "Attention, Interest, Desire, Action" model does not work for modern buyers

AIDA is no longer with us.

Old buyer journey models used in the Outbound Marketing methodology are usually based on an article written in the 1904 Salesmanship Magazine, by Frank Hutchinson Dukesmith.

Frank wrote about 4 steps in the buyer’s journey later dubbed “AIDA”: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (see here for more info).

However now, over 100 years later things have dramatically changed. Frank’s AIDA model was based around a product offer. Not a problem solution.

The modern buyer does not like to be interrupted with an attention grabber. They want to independently research their problems and solutions.

Frank’s AIDA model was also based on the idea that the seller had the power to generate the interest and desire for the offer. However, the modern buyer has the power to review many different offers before they make their decision.

The modern buyer is more sophisticated, more switched on and better educated. Sorry Frank. It worked well for about 100 years but your model is now broke.

The internet killed AIDA.