The Premier League rebranded

The Premier League has followed a recent pattern of large company re-brands (BBC three, Gumtree, Google, McDonald's packaging and so on) - and so let's review it and see what we think.

The new brand identity houses a rounded sans serif typeface, a simplified lion emblem along with a lovely vibrant colour scheme. Apparently this colour palette will be updated every three years and for the time being includes the vibrant shades of yellow, green, blue and a pink (as seen below). Stuart Watson, Creative Director of DesignStudio explains, “We want the Premier League to be known as very vibrant and bold and colourful, and we really wanted to get away from red, white and blue. The other interesting thing is that they’re not club colours – we’ve been really careful to make the colours our own”.

The new typeface used is a big improvement on the previously classic typeface (Premier League font). The new typeface is a bespoke design made for this re-brand. “The identity is a huge tonal shift from buttoned up, shirt and tie, formal, reserved… to warm, human, approachable and informal,” says Watson. “We needed a really human font, so we picked FF Mark as a placeholder, then redrew that and created a bespoke word mark so that Premier and League stacked nicely”.

As a design studio, what we love most about this rebrand is it's focus on simplification, none more so than the removal of a football - or anything to do with football. The Premier League has become so well known and associated with the use of a Lion that the need for a football within the logo is simply a thing of the past. What we also love is how the logo was designed around the new emblem. What this means is that the new brand is based around the modern digital era and is built from the restrictions and capabilities of digital platforms, i.e. the emblem was made to fit within an icon for apps (as seen below) and then the text and other elements were built in to fit around that. Overall, an improvement on the previous logo, and we really do think it's a wonderfully crafted identity. So it's a thumbs up from us!

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