The Making of a Story

The making of a good story

There’s something about the telling of a good story, it stays with you, remains strong, embedded in history, its roots laying down firm foundations that will inspire the story of future generations.

In branding the absence of a good story can be fatal. Therefore for any business, it is crucial to capture the story of your brand and tell it well.

There are many examples of good storytelling in branding. Most recently, Los Angeles announced the launch of a new football (“soccer”, for the sake of our Canadian colleague) club (“team”) in the MLS. To coincide with it’s establishment, they have also launched their website which tells their brand story and gives background on where their logo comes from. LAFC are showing that they know a good brand story is found in every element of a business, internally and externally. It is found in the business promises, typeface, social media accounts, and especially the brand logo.

LAFC’s Logo Design

The purpose of a logo is twofold. It represents the brand whilst also telling the brand story simultaneously. LAFC’s logo does this perfectly. The wing represents power, prosperity, speed and strength, harping back to the cities ancient Aztec heritage. The shield represents the seal or the crest of LA, and the LA symbolises the name of Los Angeles.

Their Brand Story

LAFC’s story is not simply a good one, it’s a great one. However, it’s not just the greatness of their story that makes their brand a success, it is the way it is told. The LAFC brand story is a real hit because of the they way that every element of their business, from their audience to their logo, to their club colours; black and gold,  suggest glamour, success and power. It is representative of everything that embodies the Los Angeles lifestyle and people. 

Here to help

A good story is something to be proud of, it is to be treasured. A good story gets retold, over and over again. A good story is timeless. At Attitude Design we have acquired a reputation of being storytelling experts. It’s who we are. It is part of our brand story, and can be found in every element of our brand identity. 

If you need help telling your story, come and speak to us, our whole purpose it to take a good story and make it great.