How to use Instagram as a marketing tool

Why use Instagram?

In 2010 Instagram was launched as a mobile app by creators Kevin System and Mike Krueger. Since it’s launch nearly six years ago, Instagram use has boomed, and the social media app is now considered one of the most important marketing tools of the century.  Attitude Design is relatively new to the business world of Instagram, but with our extensive personal use of the app, we have discovered that as a marketing tool Instagram is priceless, literally. Our team are beginning to collectively engineer a marketing strategy which combines both creative and business-associated social media tools, such as Instagram, to boost our business, be increasingly inspired and ignite passion for our industry.

Our three start-up top tips for using Instagram as a marketing tool:

1. Use a good mixture of imagery.
Take photos that are business related, really tell your brand story visually, but also pop some fun photos in the mix. Instagram is a social media tool first, and a marketing tool second - so keep it light, engaging and fun. To really show off all aspects of your brand personality,  you need to remind your audience that you are real. Life shots, such as your favourite Monday morning coffee stop, or a photo of a in-house colleague birthday celebration enhances your personality, showing that you are an approachable, enthusiastic, down to earth business. 

2. Create a community.
This sounds like a big task to undertake, however Instagram provides all the tools for you to build up an extensive network and become part of the Instagram community. Use hashtags, tag other businesses, and feature your customers. People like to be recognised by other people, businesses like to recognised by other businesses, not only to check out the competition but to keep up to date and interested in what is going on in the industry you work within. By using #hastags, and @tags you remind other Instagram users that you're there, that you want to connect with them and that you appreciate and value them. 

3. Make extensive use of ‘call to actions’.
Mix them in with your Instagram posts, if people like what they see, they will respond to your call to action and click through to your website to find out more about what you do. You want to make your offer easily accessible to as many people as possible. By using a call to action you provide the opportunity easily for people to access more information about yourself, and the services or products you offer.

Get set. Go!

There are many ways you can use Instagram as an effective marketing tool. Several months ago Instagram launched a collection of Instagram-business tools to help businesses and brands analyse their Instagram performance. For more information on how to use Instagram as a marketing tool more extensively check out 
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