How to look the real mccoy

What makes your company different from your competitors? - Something it is essential for you to be aware of when marketing, pitching and selling your products and services. And the simple answer may be exactly that - your products and services. But what if you are in an industry where what you sell is so similar on paper to that of your competitors, that the customer doesn't really care who they buy from. Well, a major differentiator can be who the customer sees as being 'The Real Mccoy', or 'The Real Deal' e.g the company that the customer believes in. 


Presumably you would like to do business with the pool of customers who posess this logic? So how do you position yourself as The Real Mccoy? Here are the 3 crucial steps to make your brand a leading authority.


 1. Decide who you are.

When you were 5 years old, who were you? The Cowboy or The Indian? The Doctor or The Patient? The same choice should be made with your company's identity, what brand are you? What archetype does your brand embody? (Take a look here for the full list of archetypes.)


2. Always maintain your businesses core value & core purpose.

Start by looking deep into your core values as a business, do you promise to never let a customer down? Or maybe your core value is that you always provide value for money. Secondly, look at what your core purpose is as a business. For example If you're a B2B service provider it could be to alleviate time constraints for your customers, or to share the load of their daily tasks. If you're a restaurant it could simply be to help families enjoy their free time together. By maintaining and constantly focusing on these core principles, you will transcend market changes (as long as you also take into account point number 3 of this list!)

Core Value (Value for Money) + Core Purpose (Helping families enjoy time together) = Lasting Brand Principles.


3. Endlessly adapt to a changing world. 

 No matter what industry or sector you work in, the world around your business will change - the landscape will change (financially and physically), the customers will change (their wants and needs) and with that your business practices must change. Here is an example: Blockbuster - The Real Mccoy right? Filed for Bankruptcy in 2010, because it failed to adapt to a changing world. Netflix - $6.78 billion in revenue in 2015 - adopted the model which Blockbuster should have. Even if your Core Value & Core Purpose is cemeted into pop culture like Blockbuster's was, failing to adapt will result in failure. 


4. Share your company's soul, tell the story. 

 Telling the story behind the brand is the single most important way to make your company become seen as The Real Mccoy (not to mention the most fun, creative, grafifying and engaging way too!), because it is entirely natural, to tell the story you don't have to sit around a boardroom with a luke warm coffee, brainstorming ideas to captivate your audience. It is already there, in your head (or your founder's head), it is organic, real, tangible and often relatable to the customer. If your company started with you selling 2 slices of cake in the rain at a market place - tell your customers! People love stories, and even more so they love feeling a part of real ones. 


If you encorporate these 4 points into your branding, you are sure to reap the rewards of great customers who appreciate what you are doing.