Finding recruitment leads

Recruitment is an industry associated with being all sales and not alot of marketing, but it doesn't have to be this way!

Here are 5 great tips of how you can incorporate inbound marketing into your daily work practices to bring more candidates, more leads & to hit your targets!

1. Know what success looks like. 

The most important step to any campaign is deciding what success looks like, what are the numbers & stats, and what are your targets? For example success could be 10 fresh new candidates in your CRM system which meet the criteria for one of your top vacancies per week directly from your inbound marketing activities. Have hard data which depicts whether your campaign worked.


2. Research your audience and then research them some more.

If you’re recruiting for a civil engineer position, the chances are that the things which the potential candidates care about are different to the potential candidates for a make-up artist position. Understanding what makes your target candidates tick is essential to building a successful inbound marketing campaign. Start with the obvious and Google Search high profile people with the job title you are recruiting for, look at their interests on LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, look for what they are sharing and discussing and what events they are attending. All of this information can be used when creating marketing content.


3. Be remarkable in your content.

The key to bringing in your prospects & leads is content. So be sure to make yours stand out from the crowd. Create videos, checklists & ebooks which link in with your target candidate’s interests. Create a blog and post regularly about the industries which you serve. Use real life examples of people which you have helped grow their careers recently and in the past, show how they have progressed and the opportunities they have been afforded due to your recruiting expertise.


4. Create a ‘Call-to-Action’

A Call-to-Action is your content’s best friend. It brings your candidates directly to your recruitment consultants. By using a Call-to-Action on your content pages and blog, you will be offering additional useful and interesting content to your target candidates in exchange for a few quick details about themselves (Contact details, personal details or whatever it is your team needs to nurture the candidate into apply for your roles), this information can then be utilised by your recruitment consultants to contact the candidate and begin a recruitment process with them.


5. Measure your results.

The great thing about inbound marketing is that it is quantifiable. Going back to step 1, we talked about the need for knowing what success looks like, well step 5 is to analyse whether steps 2-4 brought that success. If you set out to bring in 50 new candidate leads, and place 3 of them within interviews within a week period then you can easy see if that was achieved with inbound marketing software. And the extra great thing is that if the results are not what you required or expected, you can alter see exactly which content worked well, and which content worked not so well, allowing you to make continuous improvements to your marketing campaigns in order to reach your company recruitment targets.


And it gets better, these 5 steps have shown you how inbound marketing can help you to grow your candidate pool, but the same methodology can be applied to finding more clients!