Creative Campaign Designed & Delivered

We're proud to have begun working with one of the UK's leading experts in aviation data and software - RDC.


Who they are: 

RDC Aviation Economics are experts in the aviation industry. Having helped them lay the groundwork in defining their brand, we worked with them recently to develop a campaign around their key messages. One of RDC’s main marketing methods is exhibiting at events all over the world. With an important global event on the horizon, RDC wanted to ensure that they had a strong message to deliver effectively so that people would know exactly who they were and what they had to offer. 

Embodying the Sage archetype, the RDC brand is all about discovering truth by unlocking data that will help them develop and complete their wider understanding of the world around them. They empower their customers. For this reason we decided to go for the message ‘helping you complete the picture’ with a theme being the missing piece of the puzzle.



Going through a consultation process we worked with the RDC leadership team to develop a visual concept. This led to a visual identity of a jigsaw piece being adopted. This was an iconic image which could be carried across a lot of different media materials and was therefore very adaptable. Furthermore, there was a range of messaging which could go alongside this such as ‘is this the missing piece?’ ‘is this the piece you’ve been looking for?’ ‘helping you complete the picture’ etc. One of the main benefits of the idea was that it worked across cultures.

As you can see from the images, there were many communication channels used in this campaign. The postcard was something that we sent out before the event to entice VIPs to the stand at the exhibition. Stuck on the postcards was a real jigsaw piece which gave people something tangible that would spark interest and allow RDC to stand out from their competitors. After this, when the event was taking place, as well as having the exhibition stand, we had a variety of materials such as coasters, coffee cup sleeves, plaques etc. These meant that the story was being communicated at all times in all ways. An actual jigsaw was also available on their stand for people to complete.



Having caught up with the RDC Aviation Economics team since the event, we found out that after only a few weeks post event, they have already broken even. This is a huge achievement compared to previous years and we expect to see huge profit results in the coming weeks and months as a result of this campaign.