Colour is the key


To a designer, a colour palette is like a spice rack to a chef, or the periodic table to a bio-chemist. It is essential to our art. Likewise, in branding, colour is a key ingredient. Colour adds vitality, depth and purpose, it forms part of a brand’s identity. People see colour before they absorb anything else and in branding and marketing first impressions really count.


At Attitude Design we like to work with our clients from the inside out. Defining a brand’s personality is the first step that we take in our branding process. Distinguishing a brand’s character profile naturally leads to shaping this personality visually. The foundations of a brand’s identity are formed in our studio through creating a brand language, colour palette, and brand signature (logo).

A brand language provides a brand with a secure identity. It gives our clients solid roots with the capacity to develop, explore and grow their brand without forgetting their initial vision, mission and purpose.

One of the main aspects that make up that brand language is the colour palette. We usually encourage our clients to go for a dual colour palette, a primary colour to head the brand identity, and a second or third colour to compliment. As with humans, a brand has a variety of two or more main personality traits, therefore opting for a complimentary palette that consists of two to three colours adds variety and makes a brand’s identity more relatable to it’s audiences. Colour psychology is important when it comes down to defining a brand’s language, as these colours will heavily influence the logo - the symbol of a brand, it’s most important visual element.


Here are some examples of colours and the characteristics they hold;

Many famous brand's have adopted colour characteristics which reflect the personality of their brand and contribute to forming their true brand identity. For example, Coca Cola's use of the colour red shouts boldness, energy, and vibrancy. Whilst Apple's grey colour palette reflects the cool, calm, and collective look typical of Apple, a sophisticated brand, with style and expertise. 

So, do your brand colours reflect the true personailty of your brand?
Remember, first impressions really do count...

If you would like to journey through the branding process with us, and create your own personal brand identity, please get in touch!