A Brand New Attitude

A Brand New Attitude

You may have noticed in the past couple of weeks that the Attitude website has a whole new look and feel. We’ve gone through a very focused, thorough rebranding process; the first ‘big change’ in how we present ourselves since the company began in 2008. It has been hard for the company founder Matt Davies to let go of the old, but we are all excited by this new beginning, a new Attitude.


Why have we decided to ‘rebrand’?

In the last few years we have discovered and developed a strategic approach to branding that is highly successful with our clients, called Archetypal Branding. We realised that we had guided many organisations to strengthening their brands through our process but had not applied the approach to ourselves in the same way. We felt a need to be true to ourselves and practice what we preach. It was a case of rediscovering our brand, redefining our values and goals, and redelivering our marketing materials.

In going through this process we found that Attitude encapsulated the ‘Explorer’ archetype. Our goal is to guide organisations to discover their brand identity and manage the meaning behind their brand. We are branding navigators in a world of brands lost at sea.

We found our archetype. We found our story. And the result is a completely fresh new look and feel with some awesome photography of our Nottingham-based studio.

We also have a new logo. Reminiscent of a mountain the Attitude “A” symbolises everything we stand for. As guides we help our clients every step of the way through the difficult terrain of branding - ultimately leading them to the pinnacle of understanding their story and being able to tell it.


Has the way we do things changed?

It’s not that a big change has suddenly occurred; we have gone through a process of refinement over the last 12 months and this is the culmination of our strategic thinking. However we are continually seeking to improve and adapt our processes to add more value to the clients we work with. Our team has now grown to the ripe size of 12 and our areas of expertise has grown accordingly. Our new, more mature and understated brand style reflects this. 

In terms of services we offer:

- Consultation (brand strategy, brand story, brand guidelines)

- Creative (artworking, creative design, copywriting)

- Development (front-end and system development for website and app)

- Ongoing marketing (PPC, SEO, landing pages, campaigns, ad-words, cross channel planning, analytics, social media)

- Photography/Video (on-site shoot, video and sound mastery, photo manipulation) 

It is our ambition to rid the world of meaningless brands by working with leadership teams to discover, define and deliver their brand stories.

Let's start the journey. Add meaning. Add Attitude.