The best web design process for growth

Growth Driven Design

Have you discovered that that the traditional website design process is broken? If so I’d imagine the burning question you want to ask is: what is the solution? The solution is a smarter way to approach the way we redesign websites. It’s a process which produces a quick and agile website which can then be built up in an intelligent way. A solution which utilises user data to inform decisions. A flexible system which is centred around one thing: maximising the website’s performance. What is this methodology? It’s called “Growth Driven Design”.

What is Growth Driven Design?

Growth driven design utilises technology to swiftly launch a website which typically has all of the high value web pages within it. Heavy tracking scripts are added to the site which enable us to begin to collect data.

Once the initial launch pad site is in place, a systematic approach to improving it is employed. Cycles of work take place to ensure continuous learning and improvement. Any work completed is scientifically tested to check the impact of the work and to ensure it is helping the site reach its goals. By constantly researching, testing and learning about visitors we can carry out ongoing improvements. It is through these continuous improvements that we can reach peak performance.

As we learn, we can enrich the business’ marketing and sales teams with insights into how website users are interacting with the site. For example the sales team might be interested to know that most visitors to our website are initially most interested in a specific solution, this may help them in how they reach out to prospects. The sales team will also have insights from their day to day dealings with prospects which will need to be taken into consideration as we continually build specific areas of the site. With Growth Driven Design these data driven conversations can take place in an organic and structured way to ensure the website is performing to the maximum.


Minimise the risks of traditional webdesign

The great thing about Growth Driven Design is that it minimises the risks associated with traditional web design. Instead of a huge upfront cost, there is a much lower ongoing fee spread out over time. Because the initial focus is on getting a basic site up - which will then be continually improved, you are able to launch a website swiftly - giving results that impact the business much more quickly. Because the methodology and every decision that is made is based on data, you can demonstrate return on investment. No longer will wild assumptions be made, instead a ‘scientific’ reasoned approach is employed with decisions based on user data. Instead of a massive amount of stress and effort required to launch a website, a much calmer more intelligently focused process is employed. Lastly, the site will never be left to gather dust for years. It will be continually reviewed, improved and looked after.

Never look back. The old approach has broken down. Let’s be smarter and look forward to having a website in place which is driven to grow.

Why you need to use Growth Driven Design:

  • Low upfront costs
  • Less reliant on huge time commitments and initial effort
  • Will never run over budget
  • Swiftly gets a website up and running
  • Utilises continual learning which informs all parts of your business (and visa versa)
  • Continuous improvement cycles ensure the website is high performing
  • Every decision is based on data