Back to Basics: Blogging

When pursuing your passion, it's best to keep your goal in focus and not let anything else distract you. Learning from your mistakes, not looking back and keeping a positive attitude are all key aspects to success. However, it is good every so often to sit down and evaluate how you are doing. It isn't about dwelling on the past, more an assessment of what has and has not worked. It's also a chance to reflect and ensure that you are sticking to your roots, the original goal you set out to achieve.

Here at Attitude Design, we have recently taken time away from the grindstone in order to reflect on how we as a company are doing in reaching our goal. With so much time helping our clients in telling their stories in a creative and effective manner, we have to keep in mind that time needs to be taken to ensure we are taking our own advice!

On top of a recent rebrand, multiple team building exercises and meetings, we sent two of our members to attend an event on the basics of blogging in the Hockley area. Considered by many in the city to be the home of the creative community, Nottingham's Etsy teamed up with blogger Mike Aspinall (you can find his blog here) to deliver the first of two nights focused on the basics of blogging and discussions surrounding how to make it successful for your business. 

Whilst we have been keeping up a blog on our site for over 10 years, it provided us with a great oppourtunity to reflect on best practices and ensure that we are still doing the basic techniques properly, as sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees!

With a warm smile and energetic delivery, Mike took the crowd through an easy to understand yet informative presentation on the history of blogs, key items to keep in mind when setting up any blog, do's, don'ts and more. The second session will be in a month's time, giving those in attendence who don't yet have a blog the chance to establish one and begin creating content. For us, it's a time to look back on why we started blogging in the first place and what we want to get out of it in the future.

One aspect that really hit us was how much blogging has evolved in such a short amount of time. Blogging can now be a full time paying job, rather than just the informational post here and there. The impact it has had on society sees some bloggers popularity increasing at the same rate as Hollywood actors or breakout musicians. In fact, the line between celebrity and blogger is becoming blurred with each passing day, a point that Aspinall brought out in his presentation last night.

We are thoroughly looking forward to the second event in a few weeks time to build on the topics covered but also discuss further strategies to help improve our blog.

At the end of the day, what makes these individuals' blogs so successful, is that they are passionate about what they do. For us, we are passionate about branding and design. Our goal is to rid the world of brands with no managed meaning and fill the globe with purposeful, well thought out brands that communicate well.

If you would like help in finding meaning in your brand, contact us today.