Attitude at 8 years old


This is how the question begins. You can usually tell what is coming next by the wide eyed expression on the questioner. “Why... did you start Attitude Design?”. 

The answer (if I’m being truthful as I always try to be), is because I wanted freedom. Freedom to test myself, a 22 year old lad from Croydon, South London who had recently moved up to Nottingham to get married. I wanted freedom to lead a team in an environment which suited me. I wanted freedom to make mistakes, to find solutions and to do things in a way that has not been done before. I wanted freedom to serve clients in a way which delivered, delivering in a way which was relevant and authentic.

Many of my past bosses would testify to the fact that I struggled to work directly for other people. Although a huge team player, I found the restrictions that come with employment - in terms of process and creativity - frustrating. I desired to be surrounded by people that were not content with the norm. Who wanted to better themselves and to genuinely help to meet and exceed the expectations of clients. Who valued, not only the ‘form' of what was produced but also the ‘function'. People that were keen to get to the heart of things and to find the clever, killer concept which meant the meaning behind the work produced, was as important as the execution of the work itself.

This is why I set up Attitude Design, from my spare bedroom at the age of 22. That was 8 years ago.

Now in 2016, the team is set to consist of 13 passionate individuals. All of us united around a methodology and process which is proven to help our client’s brands articulate themselves effectively to their audiences. With the blessing of God, Attitude Design is now one of the leading branding and design agencies in Nottingham.

The Attitude Design Studio

What makes us unique is our approach which stems from the vision we held when we started. We are not a factory, churning out the same type of design time and time again. We are tailors. We are artisans. We are connoisseurs. We take the time to get to know our clients and their ambitions. We take the time to find the authentic story behind each brand, each campaign, each product and each service we are asked to work on. We take the time to think.

Freedom is built into our process. A mutual freedom. A freedom from our clients to share their knowledge of their sector and their vision with us - and a freedom for us to use this information to use our creative and technical flair to produce work which is practical and authentic.

The Attitude approach and the framework we use in our branding projects has taken the eight years in business to perfect. Eight years on the coalface, honing and refining the approach, allowing for flexibility in the areas that matter but ensuring that projects are always delivered in a professional successful way, on budget and on time. Our approach is based on a unique blend of collaboration, psychology, passion and creativity.

It is this that has seen us begin to work with household names such as Boots and Nikon and it is this approach which will see us into the future. We are now eight years old but somethings never change. That drive to consistently deliver and to have the freedom to do so in a way which suits our different clientele is at the heart of everything we do - and will do - as we begin a 9th year in business.

So. Happy birthday to us. And thanks for your support over the eight years. Here’s to freedom, creativity, practicality and authenticity, the pillars on which Attitude Design has been built.

Matt Davies
Creative Director & Founder

Matt Davies

Creative Director

Matt Davies