6 Ways of increasing your brand personality

Yes, brands have personality

Brands that have personality will sell more. Fact. Why? Because they stand out. They connect. They have meaning.

How do you use view the brands you interact with most? Do you view them as inanimate objects? As cold hard tools which you pick up and throw down with no thought to the meaning you attach to them or to what they stand for. Or do you almost view them as people helping you achieve a specific goal? People who you can rely on. Personalities you can expect to deliver on their promises to you?


Brand anthropomorphism

People have personalities. Brands have personalities. As consumers we think of brands as people. We see them as helping us fulfil our goals - be that for pleasure, business or education. This is called "brand anthropomorphism". Now there's a word which will help you win your next scrabble game. It means "the attribution of human form or behaviour". In other words we personify brands and think of them as people.

If you want to find out more about brand anthropomorphism why not head over to this article "Humanizing a Brand: Consumer Relationships Through an Anthropomorphic Lens" by Kristen Calabro.

Because of the brand anthropomorphism principle, when we approach marketing communication strategies for businesses offering products or services it is important for marketeers to think of these offers as people. We have to begin to think of them in the same way that we would consider how human personalities interact.

For a brand to be successful it needs to not only have a great personality but this needs to be communicated swiftly, effectively and on an ongoing basis.

A failing brand is one which does not know who it is. It does not know how to speak, it does not know where it is going, who it helps or why it does what it does.

Increasing your brand personality on an ongoing basis needs to be a high priority for any business. So how do you add personality to a brand? How do you increase your brand personality? Is it just by using some clever pictures and having a nice logo? Absolutely not. You have to go much deeper to add real meaning and real personality to a brand.

Ideas to help you boost your brand personality

Consider below some ideas to help you boost your brands personality:

1. Tell a story

The best way to add meaning to anything is to tell stories around it. These could be stories about how your business helps solve the problems of your audience. It could be around how your product excels in certain situations. If your stories connect with your audiences stories then they will most likely connect with you. Good marketing is good story telling and telling stories well will help you to increase your brand personality.

2. Become customer centric

People only want to read stories they can relate to. Your story has to fit with theirs. You have to have a solution to their problem. You need to make them feel how they want to feel. To add personality to your brand you therefore need to do some research around who your target audience is. You need to understand their problems and appreciate how your offer becomes a solution to their pain. This should then feed into your story, how you speak to customers and your customer journey. Making sure your brand personality is designed and considered around your audience is an essential element of increasing your brand personality.

3. Focus on why

Most unskilled marketing communications focus on the what. “The new XYZ lawnmower is now on sale”, “20% flash sale”, “New line launched”, “Lincoln’s largest book store”, etc. These things have their place but they do not hold much in the way of personality. How about focusing on why customers should spend the time to find out more? “Half the time in cutting your lawn”, “Buy a gift for the one you love with 20% off”, “Look great this summer with our new line”, “Be spoilt for choice in Lincoln’s biggest book store” etc. Focusing on why helps customers connect quicker with what you are telling them.

4. Discover your brand personality type

Depending on what you are helping your customers to achieve you might wish to consider how a human personality might typically help a fellow human do what your brand is doing. Using simple psychology to understand how you should interact with your audience is extremely powerful. At Attitude we use a system called “archetypal branding” where we examine our clients brands from the perspective of how they are helping their audience. We then look at “archetypes” to help to determine the style of communications that brand might successfully embody to communicate to their audience. Brands who embody personality archetypes which are emerging in their own audiences consciences attract those audiences. This approach also helps to build a deeper sense of connection between business and their audiences.

5. Be authentic

Using a set of stock library images is certainly not a way to increase your brand personality. Consumers see through tactics like this a mile off. In todays information rich world, brands who are not authentic are soon found out and exposed. So - use images of your offices. If you are small, use this to your advantage - explain the personable service you are offering. Do not pretend to be a big player if you are not. Keep your brand personality true and pure.

6. Use graphic design effectively

If you are selling a product which enhances your customers pleasure then ensure that the visual language around your brand is consistent with this. If your product is a serious B to B offer then ensure you dress your marketing and personality accordingly.


For example Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream is not a product which needs to be taken seriously. It is ice-cream after all. It is all about pleasure and enjoyment. The archetype they embody is that of a “Jester” - it’s all about fun. Their graphic design style and visual language is very much in this vain of fun. They use illustrative, almost cartoon style graphics. Their messaging is full of jokes. They use bright colours and non conventional fonts. This is all designed to embody a personality which resonates quickly and simply with their audience and shows how to use great design to increase brand personality.

So - we hope you have enjoyed a few tips on how to increase your brand personality. Good luck in adding heaps of personality to your brand.