What Comes Around Goes Around


2015 is already flying by and as we say ‘hello!’ to May yet again, we are all left wondering where the time goes? Only in one of our most recent blog posts we were celebrating our 7th birthday, which made us feel rather nostalgic and gave us the perfect reason to reminisce! Zooming back to Attitude Design’s very first blog post, it would seem as if it was only written yesterday. All the way back in 2006 the first blog entitled “Complexity is the New Simplicity” landed in the world of technology and so the age of our online journal began, and we haven’t looked back since… or have we?

What has changed since 2006? Well as far as Attitude Design is concerned, we have undergone massive changes; we have changed location three times, expanded from a duo to a team of nine dedicated staff, our website has seen several fresh new designs, we’ve joined Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, not to mention our ever growing database of loyal clients. However, cast your eyes over this first blog post …

“… it is my estimate that this way of doing things is about to change. If we consider the latest trends in fashion and in architecture we will discover that since the millennium we have gone back through time in order to be “modern”…. we, in the modern era, have lost the “sophistication” that Leonardo once spoke of…”

As we see retro fashion recurring and all things vintage creeping into our ‘modern’ virtualised world, we wonder if our blogger - Creative Director Matt Davies, in 2006 was onto something. So, if you want to be part of Attitude Design’s ever changing but ever revolving client database, then hop onboard and get in touch! Oh and whilst you’re passing by, why not revisit some of our old journal posts… you never know what you might find!