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Dan is getting married!

While the rest of our team will be spending their weekend hanging curtain rods, flat-hunting or playing FIFA with their mates – our Lead Developer Dan Clarke will be taking a very big step in his life in marrying his fiancé (as I typed “fiancé” into this post, the auto-correct function kept spelling it as “finance” – but that doesn’t mean anything, does it?)

Now, there’s one thing you need to know about working with Dan – and that is that he speaks another language entirely when it comes to Website Development and coding. When we ask “Dan, do you know how to do this on a site?” the response we usually get (instead of a simple yes or no) is Dan’s usual “Well I can do it, however it’s very complex. It runs on a system that I am unfamiliar with. What I’ll do is conduct some research, and from there set up a Development Site that we can test out for any snags. If it all runs relatively smoothly, we can launch. Then afterwards we can set up maintenance to ensure the site keeps working on after that. 010001001010100010101000100100 etc etc” It may seem like a complicated answer, but actually that’s the one thing about Dan, he is very careful – and works very hard to find the best solutions for us. He takes his time and thoughtfully considers the best approach in all his work,

and marriage is no exception…

So Dan – here’s a little bit of advice from your team here at Attitude, in a language that you can hopefully understand:

Advice. Yes from us.

<html>For the past little while, you’ve been researching marriage. It’s a very complex system that you don’t know anything about. And like a true coder geek, you set up a development site known as “dating”, and have been testing that for the past few years to see if there are any major snags. As you’ve both had success in running it smoothly, you’re ready to go live and launch tomorrow. As with any website, marriage is going to need constant maintenance as well. There will be times when there are snags, when there are errors, or times when you are not responding (and by “you”, we literally mean YOU, Dan.) But with regular maintenance, updates and installations ( – you’ll have nothing but a successful website to last a lifetime.

If you put as much work and dedication into your marriage as we see you do in your work here at the studio, we know you’ll both be at the top of Google rankings under the search “awesome husband and wife”.

We hope everything goes well with the launch tomorrow, and can’t wait to see it all go live. </html>

Just keep your answer uncharacteristically short when asked “Dan, do you take this woman to be your wife?”. We recommend keeping it simple with,  “I do”… over Twitter. #married