Getting to know: Beth Craddock

Beth is from the county of Worcestershire and recently graduated from the University of Birmingham where she studied History. Taking a gamble after University, Beth decided to follow her creative dreams and put her history books back on the shelf. She has an organic creative flare and although she is fairly new to the design world, her practical hands-on approach to design adds another off-screen dimension to our creative team. Her goal in life is to live by the sea.

What is your role at Attitude?

I am a Graphic Designer.

What does this involve?

I work on the creative aspect of our projects.

What are your hobbies?

Running, surfing, reading and walking my crazy dog.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to be outdoors. I read, I attempt some Yoga, and think about living by the sea. 

Chocolate or sweets?


Steak or fish?

Depends on what takes my fancy. Would say Steak but I used to be a vegetarian so I'm not an avid meat lover. 

Favourite fast food?


Favourite music artist at the moment?


Which Harry potter character are you?

Professor Trelawny (or so I'm told by Amy Hill).

Europe or Far East?


Favourite Place to go?

The Sea. (any sea, but the Cornish sea tops it every time).

Latest TV series watched?

Broadchurch, or Game of Thrones, I cant remember - it was a while ago…

Last film seen?

Dirty Dancing.

Tea or Coffee?

Peppermint Tea. 

Houseboat or speedboat?


What animal are you most afraid of?


If your life was a movie what actor would play you?

I have no clue, but if I could pick I think i’d like to be Marion Cotillard, she's pretty cool. 

If there was a zombie apocalypse where would you go?

I’d get in a boat with a year’s worth of supplies. 

Fave colour?

I have lots but I love Orange (the streaky pinky/orangey colour the sky goes when the sun sets).

If you could be a fairy tale/fantasy character who would you be?

Something from LOTR... a goodie obviously.



Why doesn’t McDonalds sell hotdogs?

Maybe they will start doing so now...