Getting to know Amy Hill

Amy Hill comes all the way from Toronto, Canada. In addition to being an enthusiastic Project Manager, she also plays the role of DJ in the studio, keeping the team motivated with her Spotify picks and playlists. With 5 years of experience as a Graphic Designer, Amy changed gears last year and began to focus on the project management side of things. She moved to England in late 2014 and plans to travel around Europe whilst here. A big fan of sports, she has found it hard not being able to play ice hockey, baseball or volleyball – but has found a new athletic passion in football (soccer). She doesn’t often get homesick, but does miss her brother and one-year-old nephew, as well as her cat Dora (soz Mum & Dad).

So, lets get to know Amy…

What is your role at Attitude?

I am a Project Manager

What does this involve?

I’m the main contact point for our clients, working alongside them with our team at Attitude to help deliver the best results for every project – big or small.

What are your hobbies?

Traveling, blogging, football (recently discovered) and reading if I don’t feel lazy.

What do you do in your spare time?

Lately I love watching documentaries on Netflix. Feels like I’m learning while being lethargic – that or Downton Abbey, which is kind of like watching a history program? No?

Chocolate or sweets?


Steak or fish?

Steak, medium rare.

Favourite fast food?

Pizza – so many options…

Favourite music artist at the moment?

Hozier. His lyrics are incredibly personal and relatable.

Which Harry potter character are you?

I’d like to think Ginny Weasley, she hangs out with the boys and ends up playing Quidditch professionally. I’d have done ice hockey as a career if I could have.

Europe or Far East?

Europe – that’s why I moved.

Favourite Place to go?

Departures gate at Heathrow. If I’m waiting there, I’m on my way to another adventure.

Latest TV series watched?


Last film seen?

I’d like to say Jurassic World and seem relatively cool, but tbh it was Pitch Perfect 2 – and I laughed a lot.

Tea or Coffee?


Houseboat or speedboat?

Speedboat for water-skiing and tubing.

What animal are you most afraid of?

Definitely sharks, even “Bruce” in Nemo freaks me out.

If your life was a movie what actor would play you?

Ellen Page (Juno, Inception, X-Men)

If there was a zombie apocalypse where would you go?

Wherever Spence is going, he seems to be pretty confident he’ll survive and I’d have no clue…

Fave colour?

Deep Blue, but not navy.

If you could be a fairy tale/fantasy character who would you be?

Goldilocks: if I were hungry enough I could potentially commit home invasion for some porridge, then take a nap after eating too much.



Why doesn’t McDonalds sell hotdogs?

Probably a government conspiracy