EMFEC TALK - Brand First - It’s not the What it’s the Why

Last week our Creative Director Matt Davies gave a presentation at an East Midlands Further Education Councils (EMFEC)  event entitled “Brand First - it’s not the what it’s the why.” The presentation was focused on what branding is, dissolving common myths that surround branding, and detailing the key steps to producing a successful brand. The presentation gives useful insights into how we approach “branding” here at Attitude Design. The presentation was received very well by all who attended, with valuable time for open questions at the conclusion and also private discussion with both our Creative Director and one of our Project Manager’s after the event had finished. As the talk was recorded we wanted to share this exciting information with you, so we have embedded the link to the youtube video of this presentation below. Not only can you watch the informative presentation, we are posting a series of five blog posts which expand on “Brand first - it’s not the what it’s the why” in bitesize sections which will be published weekly, so keep a look out for these if you are eager to learn more about this important aspect of marketing.


If you would like this presentation to be given at one of your upcoming events, we would love to hear from you. Even though this presentation was given to an educational audience, it can be adapted to fit your needs, should you wish our Creative Director to come to your organisation and give a similar presentation. Why not drop us an email or give us a call? Contact us by clicking here.