5 Elements of Project Planning

The key to any project is to be organised. Start as you mean to go on.

After deciding what the project is that you are undertaking (anything from a new email signature to a full blown marketing campaign) there are 5 key things we have identified that need to be decided. Building clear objectives and boundaries to provide a stable foundation for your project enables it to flow effortlessly from start to finish. (Okay, maybe not quite effortlessly… But with a lot less bumps on the way for sure!).


When discussing what the marketing project is, you may come across some things that you need to learn more about before things can get going. Things such as your target audience; what materials do they take most notice of? How computer literate are they? What style of design most appeals to them? What kind of response can you expect from them from your campaign?… Those kinds of things.


As prudent British folk we tend not to like discussing the nitty gritty of how much cash is going to be spent on something. As budgets are the most limiting/opening factor on a project, this coyness towards it needs to be thrown out the window. Having a clear budget set from the outset will mean that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the scale of the project.


What are you able to provide yourselves / what needs to be completed by an expert? One easy way of keeping costs down is to complete some of the work yourself. Obviously this needs to be done with discretion. If you’re building a website it’s probably best to leave that one to the professionals. But, in saying that there are plenty of things that you are able to do yourselves. You could write the content for the website or provide some initial visual concepts that you like the idea of. These can be time consuming tasks for someone who doesn’t know your company very well, but fairly simple ones for someone who does. Time and money saved. Easy.

Time scale

Time scales need to be realistic but also honest. If your business has tight deadlines that’s something you definitely need to be upfront with your marketing agency about. However you also have to be understanding of their creative needs, the longer they have to think and discuss your project, the better and more refined the concept should be (hopefully). It’s about getting the right balance between the two.


Where all other things we have considered have almost been limiting factors, the last factor is a lot more opening for projects. What are you aiming to achieve with this project? Having clear objectives set, give everyone a better vision of where the project is heading and helps to inspire those bight light-bulb moments.

We wish you all the best of luck with project planning guys! Give us a bell if you need any advice with anything.