Your Guide To Advertisement Sizes

Getting the right advertisement size can be a tricky thing with it varying so dramatically depending on where and how you wish your company to be showcased. Here at Attitude we have simplified this task by doing the hard work for you. This easy to use guide of generic advertisement sizes is the essential the starting point for any of your advertisement projects from hereon out.




Business Stationery

Most businesses use stationery to communicate. The usual stationery assets are letterheads, compliment slips and business cards. Although sizes can vary, we’ve given the generic sizes for these.

Business Card: 51mm x 83mm
A small handy card containing all necessary information about your business which can be carried around in your wallet and handed out to possible clients when needed.

Letterhead: 210mm x 50mm
A header and/or a footer for letters (whether printed or emailed) with your business logo and possibly your business address on. These are used to help maintain brand uniformity across any materials that you send and keep impressions high.

Compliment Slip: 210mm x 99mm
The ideal product to send simple messages on, whether sent with a product, or as a thank you, or as a set of instruction. These are useful to have somewhere in the office to send those important short messages on to clients or suppliers.

Email Signature: 650px x 150px (pixels)
Helps set the tone for your email by getting your business’ personality embedded within this simple design material that can be attached to the bottom of every email sent by a company account.

Magazine/ Newspaper adverts Adverts

These types of adverts are particularly great for retailers. It allows you to showcase your products or services to a wide range of people who are already in “browsing mode” and will examine your advert and it will stick.

Back cover (inside and out) and inside front cover: 297mm x 210mm (bleed 303mm x216mm)
This is the optimum place to place a magazine advert. Despite it hurting the purse strings a little more than a smaller advert, these are pages that are guaranteed to be seen and looked at (two very different things…)

Full inside page: 297mm x 210mm (bleed 303mm x 216mm)
Although not quite as good as a full page at the front or the back, this is the next best thing. The bigger your advert is the more attention it will get. Big, bold and brass. That’s what will catch your audience’s attention.

Other Advert Sizes
Half page vertical: 261mm x 85.5mm
Half page horizontal: 129mm x 184mm
1/3 vertical: 261mm x 52.67mm
1/3 square: 129mm x 118.33mm
1/3 horizontal: 85mm x184mm
1/4 vertical: 129mm x 855mm
1/4 horizontal: 63mm x 184mm

Leaflets/ Brochure

A brochure is probably the most effective way of communicating a lot of information in a simple yet stylish format to an already selected audience. You can distribute them in a variety of ways and will help to build brand awareness.

A5 (folded in half): 148.5mm x 210mm
DL (folded twice): 99mm x 210mm
A4 (folded in half): 148.5mm x 210mm
A3 (folded in half): 210mm x 297mm


Posters are perfect for grabbing a customer’s attention and enticing them to search for your product. They can be placed almost anywhere and so can more cost-efficient than leaflets or brochures as hundreds of people may see one poster.

A5/ A4/ A3 Poster: 148mm x 160mm/ 210mm x 280mm/ 297mm x 420mm
A very simple and cheap way to endorse your company. These can be placed or handed out almost anywhere, on lamp posts, in shop windows, around universities, in the town, by your business premises… Anywhere. And they can also be printed with weather conditions in mind, so you don’t have to worry about rain or wind damage.

Billboard Posters
Advertising “sheets” are the outdoor billboards (no… Not bed sheets) that you see dotted around various places. These can look a bit more professional than a printed poster, but will also cost slightly more as you have to rent the space. These come in a range of sizes and will be placed in optimum places (such as bus stops, by busy roads, in towns, in shopping centres etc) to be seen by your target audience. They are great for grabbing attention and delivering your key message.

Six Sheets: 12000mm x 1800mm
(Six sheets are the size of the billboards that you see at almost every bus stop now- perfect for giving people something to look at and digest whilst they're waiting for the next bus)

4 Sheet: 1016mm x 1524mm
12 Sheet: 3048mm x 1524mm
16 Sheet: 2032mm x 3048mm
32 Sheet: 4064mm x 3048mm
48 Sheet: 6096mm x 3048mm
64 Sheet: 8128mm x 3048mm
96 Sheet: 12192mm x 3048mm



This new inexpensive form of advertising can create instant gratification- your target audience will be presented with your product/ service online and buy it/ book onto it without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Online you also have the greater ability to “geo-target”- this means that only your intended geographic will be viewing the add making it a much more cost-effective way to advertise.

Leaderboard: 728px x 90px
Full Banner: 468px x 60px
Half Banner: 234px x 50px
Vertical Banner: 120px x 240px

Page Adverts
Half Page Ad: 300px x 600px
Wide Skyscraper: 160px x 600px
Skyscraper: 120px x 600px
Medium Rectangle: 300px x 250px
Vertical Rectangle: 240px x 400px
Large Rectangle: 336px x 260px
Rectangle: 180px x 150px
3.1 Rectangle: 300px x 100px
Micro Bar: 88px x 31px

Pop-Under: 720px x 300px
Square Pop-Up: 250px x 250px

Button 1: 120px x 90px
Button 2: 120px x 60px
Square Button: 125px x 125px


For quotes or more information on any of these product, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Attitude.