We have lift off!


"Go flight"

Many people comment that our geeks desks look like a NASA control system, and indeed they have been working hard we finally do have lift off! Attitude Design have entered into spring with a brand new Website.

Our new website pushes the attitude brand to new levels, which expresses our growth and development over the last year. It includes features such as smooth navigation, fluid responsive web design that works well on mobile devices and desktops as well as slicker typography.

The new site follows a 'banded' structure which we feel helps the website be more functional, as well as making it easier to navigate. There is a strong emphasis on good colour choice in the new site, as well as there being huge importance on our site being minimalist but still containing all the relevant and needed details. See more comments on it's features here.

The main thing about the site is that it brings the offline experience people have whilst working with us online. Easy to work with, stylish and professional.

We’d love to hear your comments on it!

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