Using Internet Explorer 8? You don’t know what you’re missing out on!!

The internet out there is big and vast. It's there, ready for you to explore, and your browser is your window into this world of information. Having an up-to-date browser is essential to viewing modern websites - having an old browser may mean you could be looking at the internet world through foggy glass. Internet Explorer 8 is an old school browser and in this article we look at what you are missing out on if you still use this to view the internet.

So what’s wrong with Internet Explorer 8? It’s not because it was built badly or anything like that, it’s purely the fact it was released 5 years ago and we live in the fast developing technology age where things are out of date a week after they’re released.

Not much could have changed to the internet since then could it?

If your thinking this take a look at some of these screengrabs comparing our new Attitude site, (soon to be released) in an old browser of IE8 and a modern browser, Chrome. Both examples are from machines using Windows XP. Notice how in each case the same code is rendered very differently.

Simple Styles like rounded corners

On IE8 they're not very round:

Radius on IE8

How they should look:

Radius on Chrome

Animated Events

On IE8 we can only have an on off colour change:

IE8 Animation1
IE8 Animation2

On chrome there's animation around the
image including a fading change of colour:

Chrome Animation1
Chrome Animation2

Here's our new social media dock on IE

IE8 Enlarge

And on Chrome with all it's attiude

Chrome Enlarge

CSS Transitions

If you want to check out some more awesome animations go here to see them in action but if your using IE8 you'll have to make do with this video until you update your browser

So how do you view the internet through a shiny new window?

Just download a new browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11.

Stuck with your browser because of work?

Firstly check this site, support for Windows XP is ending shortly so your company should upgrade if you want to stay safe on the internet.
Otherwise try Chrome Frame which allows you to install Chrome inside IE8

Matt Scott

Web Developer

Matt Scott