Unfolding Modern Graphic Design

“66% of the users time on a normal media page, is spent below the fold.”*

(“the fold” is the metaphorical line on a webpage dividing the portion of visible content when the page is first loaded from the non-visible portion)


Back in the 90s, the good ol’ days of Dolly the Sheep, Mr Blobby and jelly shoes when the Spice Girls ruled the UK and the World Wide Web was unfamiliar territory to your average Joe and Jess, the idea of scrolling was about as familiar to internet users as a tumble dryer is to a hamster… (I mean come on… How can there be such things as a “level” of dryness..!?).

At this time only 10%* of users would scroll down a webpage.

Skip forward a decade and compare this to a study from March 2014, published in Time Magazine online, which found that a whopping 66% of users time is actually spend below the fold of a webpage and we can see how much of a difference 10 years can make!

Gone are the days when online designs had to fit within a restricting “letterbox” frame. With the rise in popularity of the touch screen, users are comfortable with scrolling through content.

Producing a format which is interactive, displays content clearly, cleanly and that is responsive (so that whatever device it is viewed on it displays effectively) is imperative for us here at Attitude Design. Check out some of our contemporary work here.


“66% of the users time on a normal media page, is spent below the fold.”

Quote from Tony Haile from Time Magazine, 9th March 2014 (http://time.com/12933/what-you-think-you-know-about-the-web-is-wrong/).
Data extracted from Chartbeat (a data analytics provider) who analysed their data from 2 billion site visits (https://chartbeat.com)

“In early studies, I found that only 10% of Web users would scroll a navigation page”

Statistic from Jakob Nielsen from NNg, 1st December 1997 (http://www.nngroup.com/articles/changes-in-web-usability-since-1994/)