"Today, I'm going to 'shoot' someone"

Yes, that was a photography based pun. They do say to always start with a joke...

Anyway, good news readers! Alex (one of our creative minds behind the scenes) has had some of his lovely photography work published in an online (soon to be print) publication.

The shot in question is of his dad (who appears to be trying his best to look like Sean Connery), taking a dip in the North Sea by the Isle of Mull.



The magazine is called 'Tiny Atlas Quarterly' . You can check out the photo here (the shot is the second one in the 'Portraits' section).

This isn't the first time Alex has had his photography work published either. He has also recently had work featured on Cereal Magazine's online blog, here and here.

Slowly but surely his work is becoming recognised. Soon it will be adorning billboards, posters and the like. Watch this space.

Here are some more examples of some of Alex's work:


If you want to see more of his work visit his website, where he shares his awesome portfolio of photographs. He also keeps a regularly updated blog, where he posts his most recent work and general happenings. I recommend checking it out.

Go on. Treat yourself.