There's Russell Brand ... Jo Brand ... and your brand


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We all know who Russell Brand and Jo Brand are. How many people know your brand?

It's surprising how many of us are unsure what our business brand is all about. And more to the point, how we can use that brand to increase our company's profits.

We run workshops with our clients to help them identify their brand values and how they can reflect those values in their customer services, through their sales practices and processes and on their websites and marketing materials.

Here's a quick question to get you thinking about your brand identity:

If your brand was a celebrity, who would it be? And why?

Here are some brands' answers ...

"the Duchess of Cambridge ... because we're helpful, polite and caring at all times and people love us."

"James Bond ... because we're quick to help our customers out in sticky situations: and sometimes they don't even know we're there."

"Stephen Fry ... because people see us as the friendly expert in our industry. They can ask us anything, and we always know the answer."

Your brand

This is a great way of thinking about how you should portray your brand and to get you thinking about how you want people to perceive your brand.

What would you change and do differently to make influence what your clients and customers think, feel and say about your brand?

Why not invite us in to run a workshop for you to help you find out who you really are?