The King of the Worms

Here at Attitude Design we occasionally like to take breaks. Sometimes on these breaks we feel like stepping back into the 1990's and having a game of Worms (a modern iteration being Worms Revolution). It became so fiercely competitive between Alexander Hughes (Graphic Designer), Daniel Spencer (Project Manager) and Matthew Davies (Creative Director) that the team decided to create a leaderboard. A few months later and this leader board was completed by one of the team.

We are proud to present to you the winner of Worms Revolution... *drum roll*... Daniel Spencer!



Here is an extract from his speech:

"...whilst the competition was a close knit affair, someone ultimately had to triumph and as history has illustrated time and time again, the cream always rises to the top. I (on this occasion) was that cream. Using my years of experience, tactical nous and sheer force of will, I was able to rout the enemy and reign supreme as ‘The King of the Worms’. I will try and carry what I have learnt this year into the upcoming ones and (should good luck prevail) continue my winning ways, to forge myself a legacy with hopes to inspire and empower the next generation...”