The impact of large videos on websites

The incorporation of elegant, professional videos into website designs is becoming increasingly popular today. This has become more practical due to the advent of faster broadband. Such large scale videos can work very well in entertainment and corporate settings which are supposed to communicate artistic qualities, exclusivity, branding and high quality standards.

Videos embedded in websites don’t fit into every setting, though. For example, they would not be appropriate for online magazines or blogs. You also have to remember that the performance of a website including large videos will depend significantly on the speed of the internet user’s broadband connection. But in the right circumstances they can help to build rapport with customers, increase website traffic and sales. Videos can work particularly well in portfolio websites, fashion websites and promotional campaigns.

Here are some really good examples of websites that incorporate large scale videos:

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Here are some guidelines to bear in mind when considering incorporating video into your website:

  • Make sure that the video is in a prominent location on your homepage.
  • Ensure that calls to action are strategically located close to the video.
  • It is a good idea to incorporate an attention-grabbing headline close to the video.
  • Don’t make the video too long - 2-3 minutes is plenty.
  • For maximum impact, make sure that the video is professionally produced and edited, and that it fulfils specific business goals.

It may be time-consuming, and costly if done properly, but the benefits are there for the taking:

  • Video can enhance your site, and turn it from a static, one-dimensional site, into a dynamic, interactive experience for your clients.
  • You can use video to showcase your expertise, providing in-depth information related to your field in a way that you just can’t do with text.
  • You can use video to help drive traffic to your site. Search engines just love video.
  • Some people will never feel that they know the real you until they see you on video. Text is very one-dimensional, but with video people can hear you, and see your body language, and really feel that they are getting to know you - warts and all!
  • Video really helps you to stand out from the competition.
  • You can encourage visitors to your site to keep coming back, to see what new videos you are featuring.
  • You can even use video to help you earn money, by featuring advertising on your video page.

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