The Appeal Of The Human Face

The human face is a commonly-used element in web design. Human beings find the human face very appealing, and it can be used to express various different moods and emotions. Using the human face on websites can be a very powerful tool to increase the effectiveness of the website design.

Lots of websites have faces as the main element on their home pages. A familiar face can convey a feeling of comfort and reassurance, for example. An attractive face can be an effective way to draw attention to certain areas of the website, and be used as a call to action. Companies may choose to incorporate photographs of their members, as a way of presenting themselves to their target audience. Showing your face can demonstrate that you are open and trustworthy, that you have nothing to hide, and that you are proud of the work you are showcasing.

Here are some examples of a few effective websites that incorporate the human face:

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Here are a number of reasons why you might wish to include the human face on your website:

  • It can be an effective way of catching your visitor’s attention, by adding personality to your website.
  • The human face can be used to guide your visitor’s line of sight to a particular area of your website. We are inquisitive animals, and if we see someone looking at something, we want to know what it is they are looking at. This can also work in a detrimental way - a poorly chosen image may detract from the intended call to action.
  • The human face may provide the personal touch that your website may otherwise lack.
  • A photograph of someone expressing feelings of, for example, happiness, or satisfaction, whilst using your product, may be much more persuasive than a load of text.
  • The web is a very impersonal environment, but as human beings we prefer to do business with people we have seen, and can relate to. We are more likely to trust someone we have seen. Incorporating photographs of staff members can be a great way of increasing trust in your company.
  • Faces can help to create authority. For example, a picture of a beautiful woman using a cosmetic product will help to endorse the effectiveness of the product.

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