Swiss Design Is Not Falling Flat


Flat design is sweeping across and is quickly becoming the new “little black dress” of the graphic design world.

In the 1960s Swiss graphic designers reinvigorated flat design, initially seen in Russia and Germany in the 20s, and sent it global! The love for this flat style of designing have now been rekindled in designer’s hearts and minds and it is once again splashed across all walks of design in the modern age.

It all started in 2012, with the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 pioneering the way for flat design to be metamorphosed into 21st Century web design. At all costs Microsoft steered well clear of any typical (at the time) skeuomorphs that have cluttered our screens since the dawn of the digital age. Just as some sort of immediately gargantuan change to earth’s environment wiped out the dinosaurs… The initial web developers at the time feared that their generation would be left behind in this new techno world due to the drastic advancement it would bring to business processes and social normalities - like mobile phones and social medias changing the way we now interact with customers, clients and friends alike. (… Just to clarify- we are not calling people born before computers dinosaurs!.. Just hinting at it.)


To overcome this issue designers based all graphics around “skeuomorphs”- detailed computer images that imitated objects in real life related to the function of the page/button (for example; an envelope symbolising emails, a clock to symbolise an alarm, a compass symbolising a gps system etc). Then over time it appeared that a competition between designers came about as to who could create the fanciest and most complicated design.

Then out of the blue, Microsoft (of all people!) decided to that cluttered design was one mould that needed breaking.

To do this they created a simple user-interface which embraced the scrolling revolution (, made the most of bold colours and only used clean and straightforward images to improve a user’s experience with the new software… And users were more than relieved to finally see this new style emerging - giving them an easy-to-use yet stylish computer interface.

Now this simple Swiss style has been replicated all over the web in many shapes and forms. Including our own site.

Here are some of our favourite websites that incorporate flat design to inspire you on your design journey;

Dom_JacobsRetail_Factory Square_Up W12_Studio

*Header image source: Paul Rand - Shapiro Design,