Out with the old & In with the new


I'm sure you're all aware of some recent logo changes. For example, Starbucks changed their logo a few years ago - from the more detailed, and enclosed design of the last few years; Starbucks decided to (as with many of their peers) 'simplify' their logo to a more icon-like, and recognisable. This 'simplification' of brand identity is most certainly a recent trend, and it doesn't seem to be stopping.

Just like these changing brands, we too have simplified our brand. The change is far more subtle than some of the examples to follow, but still, we have actioned a simplification - and we love it!

Below you will find some examples (all be it 4 of probably thousands of recent logo changes). The examples you will see are brand identities belonging to Apple, Chelsea Football Club, Levi's and Starbucks respectively. Notice how all the logos are now more simple, more refined, and above all more iconic.

We'd love to know your thoughts!


AppleChelsea Levis Starbucks