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Coming soon to a browser near you...

One of the major problems being a Design Agency is practicing what you preach. Although the core marketing and branding methodologies stay the same, techniques, technology and design trends are constantly changing and as we are busy adapting and refining these on behalf of our clients it's tough for our own marketing materials to keep up! However - soon we are putting our own house in order with a refined brand image and a new website launch planned for April this year! Our new brand identity will promote the confidence and maturity which we now provide to our clients. With us coming up to our sixth birthday as a limited company, no longer are we the new boys in town. Our processes have never been as slick and our clients have never been as happier! Our new brand will reflect this confidence. Amazingly for a rebrand one thing which won't be changing is our logo. The logo was designed 10 years ago by myself (Matt Davies - Creative Director) and we still love it as it embodies our brand. It's power and simplicity is timeless and so it's staying. Now, as you've taken the time to get this far through this post - we thought we'd reward you by giving you a little sneak peak of some of the new components of our fresh new image

New Typeface

sneak2 We love this typeface called "INTRO" from FontFabric which we hope to use as one of the primary new typefaces for our brand. It's modern, clean simple, confident and powerful.

Banded Design

sneak3 The future of web design is to utilise more space as users are happier to scroll down the browser screen. Many traditional print design techniques will be being used in our new website design as well as what we call "bands" which help to easily deliver


sneak4 Its the small things in life that count. Elements fading on mouse hover. Sliding. Ticking. Spinning. We hope to use some of the latest javascript and CSS3 techniques to really showcase some of the amazing things we can do with new technology.


sneak5 Any new website needs to be response so it sits well on any device a user is using. Responsive websites come as standard for our clients - why should our new site be any different!?


sneak6 Following on from making the site Responsive comments making the site easier to navigate is going to be essential. We are adopting some very fresh and exciting new icon designs to help with this.


sneak7 We are colourful people here at Attitude Design. For too long our brand has been constrained by a limited colour pallet. We are going to let go with a fresh new colour pallet.


Blog Image is everything. Last year we moved to a cracking new studio in Castlegate. Our working environment is loved by staff and clients alike and so this will feature heavily in the imagery we will use on the new site.   So - keep your eyes peeled and watch this space! The new site will be coming soon - available on all good browsers... The aim is to get the new site and brand identity up and running from the 1st of April. There we've said it now so it has to happen.

Matt Davies

Creative Director

Matt Davies