Autumn Portfolio


We've come through a beautiful summer, and a not so beautiful autumn - but nonetheless our designs have remained fresh and we continue to push our own boundaries. Below you will see a list of projects we have completed throughout this Autumn, which we hope will both inspire you and enlighten you. Enjoy.


Our long standing relationship with Sentura is still going strong. Recently we have worked on a beautiful 160+ page catalogue for them. Please see below a few images of the spreads and design. The catalogue was designed to be simple, and in keeping with their brand style. Their brand style can be seen on the brand guidelines we created (also below) along with their newly launched website (see below also).




Sentura Marketing Campaign

Sentura often use clever and fun promotions. Their most recent was a give away of radio controlled vehicles with large order. We designed a series of promotional material. First being a teaser email shot, secondly web banners with the teaser message - and thirdly the launch campaign in the form of an email shot, web banner, and flyer.

The concept we came up with was simply to use the vehicles and put them in a real-life setting. The teaser image would be a teaser (strangely enough) in that the vehicles would be silhouetted and the phrase 'It's coming' used as the predominant message. The launch would then be these vehicles in action in broad daylight with the message of 'It's arrived'.



Career Design

Tom Lakin (Director and founder of Career Design) came to us with a brief to brand and stylise his new company Career Design Ltd.

The design is fresh, modern, simple, and highly effective. The use of large imagery (overlaid with his brand blue) and a website structure that is highly minimalistic and simple adds to the brand value of quality and impact. See here for the full story, and take a look at the site here.






G2 are an innovative events company, and recently came to us for a fast-turnaround print job. We design a banner stand design and a matching leaflet to go with it. We designed using the G2 brand style, and made it simple, striking and used very clear messaging.


Martin mark

Having recently won The Great Interior Design Challenege, Martin Holland came to Attitude seeking website design. We designed his site with his chosen palette of Taupe's and our usual minimal banded structure. See more of this project here, and take a look at their site here.





CyberSim had an event in Rome and needed a fast-turnaround project in the form of a brochure. We designed using their brand guidelines, but freshened up their image using bold colour, modern icons, and large imagery.


Developing People

Developing People Limited is a leading edge management and business development training company. The sought our hep with a new website design - and we are happy to annouce it is finally launched. Take a look here and let us know what you think!