Wild Branding


The use of wildlife in logos for non-animal related companies is huge. We thought we’d have a look at some examples of use and the reasons why.

Animals are often instantly associated with certain characteristics/ stereotypes, for e.g. dogs are loyal, foxes are crafty, horses are noble, lions are brave. Although some of the stereotypes given to animals are often very generalised, untrue or based loosely on one of their many characteristics, we still associate them with certain attributes. This is why using an animal or bird as a brand identity can be very effective. Using an animal that has certain attributes is one way for brands to show us what their own unique qualities and attributes are without using any words.

The use of birds in logos is very popular with birds being favourable and representing many different qualities. Swarovski’s image is of class, elegance and beauty, providing crystal jewellery, home accessories and figurines and what better to represent this than a swan, known for these graceful qualities. The logo image is cleverly designed with part of the swan appearing as ‘glittery’ and thus referring to the crystal products. The use of a dove for both name and logo for Dove products, reflects their aim to promote pure, fresh and simple beauty products. The logo is instantly recognisable in different colours making it flexible depending upon the products used for. Hollister Co. is a lifestyle brand for youth, designed around the surfing lifestyle in Southern California. The logo which features a seagull with spread wings reflects this lifestyle of the brand perfectly.

A lot of car branding uses animals as part of their logo. The list is long but here are a few examples: Peugeot, Porsche, Saab, Ferrari and Jaguar. Car branding is vital for marketing with the high importance of the logo being instantly recognisable. Ferrari use a horse for their logo. Horses are thought of as noble and well known for their speed with grace and reliability. They are associated with gentry and thus reflecting this high end manufacturer.

Sports brands also often use animals to reflect their product type. Sports obviously have a competitive edge and thus why they use animals such as the leaping puma, known as a mountain lion. It is a powerful, fast animal which represents athletic bravery and is also sophisticated. The use of animals for sport brands also links with team mascots used to represent different sport teams.

There are many more examples of animals being used to brand non animal related products. If you have any interesting brands to flag up, please do!