Vive la digital révolution!



It's a mobile future…

Though predictions as to exactly when vary a little, the people in the know are unanimous in the opinion that sometime in the next couple of years, mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing as the main way of 'surfing the web'. While this may seem obvious (as over the last few years you will have doubtless noticed more and more people on mobile devices), it does beg the question whether or not your business is really ready for this and whether your website is able to cope with the demands (and constraints) of a 'mobile world'.

The 'offending' gadgets

Now I imagine we're all in agreement on how convenient mobile devices are, and how much more accessible they make the web and all the data it provides us. They’ve revolutionised how people function on a day to day basis. Rather than have to take time out of their busy schedule to find information on a certain product/company, or assess the details of a journey, they can now do all of this at their leisure, on their commute or in whichever spare second they wish, as they’re no longer bound by the restrictions of desktop browsing.

Now while this is all very well and good for your average Joe, it does pose a potential headache for a business. This is because there are problems in creating a website that can cater to all the demands it will face in a mobile market of differing functionalities and screen sizes. This wasn't a problem when desktop browsing was the only way to access information, as there was always a 'standard' format that would allow a website to be viewed as intended, regardless of the screen size the person happened to be using. A company could create a website safe in the knowledge that everyone would be able to view and appreciate it to it's fullest.

ChartAll stats from the Monetate Q1 2013 Ecommerce Quarterly

Mobile sales are on the rise and as the technology behind them improves demand for them will also increase. It has already been forecast that the amount of mobile devices on the market will outnumber the amount of desktop devices there are by the end of this year! Now while this doesn’t necessarily correlate to the way people are online just yet, come January 2014 you’re more likely to come across a mobile device than a desktop one.

Originally, when mobile devices started to 'take off' some companies created a simplified version of their website for people using a mobile browser. This worked well at the time because there weren't many people on these devices, the range of them was limited and there wasn't much demand. However this is no longer the case today and these websites are becoming obsolete, as not only is there the demand now but the amount of devices (and the vast array of different types) make this ‘old school’ method not as viable as it once was.

The Solution (Eureka!)

Here at Attitude we have found the perfect solution, which gives you a website which is scalable to any and all screen sizes without the hassle of creating a separate mobile site. We use something called ‘Responsive web design’ which is exactly what it sounds like, a website which responds to the situation it is faced with. Using a template, the design of the site would ‘shift’ to match the size of the screen, be it mobile or desktop. This allows you to easily maintain your brand identity over all the different platforms it will be viewed on, as well making sure that people always get the ‘full experience’ from your website.

We can also prioritise what information is most important, so that we can ensure key information is clearly visible and will be among the first things someone sees when visiting the site.

To illustrate here are a few examples of websites we have created using responsive web design. If you click on the links below to open up each site, then change the size of your browser window by dragging in/around the bottom right corner, you'll notice how the information molds to the new shape your presenting it with:


No more Pinching!

The future is definitely upon us, and we here are at Attitude are ready for it. Gone are the days of clumsy mobile websites or pinching hundreds of times to zoom around a site not built for your mobile needs. We make sure our clients are ready for what lies ahead and produce our websites to be future proof. Make sure you don’t get left behind!

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to add a comment below.