What does your home page promise?

Promises Promises

Promises. If only they were as easy to keep as they are to say. Promises are everywhere these days and business is no exception. Companies promise customers this and that, 'Free delivery!' they'll say, 'You won't find cheaper!' they brag, anything to entice customers away from the competition. With so many promises being made today and with customers being bombarded from all sides by them, why make any at all and if you are making promises - where should they be visible?

Why promise anything?

Surely by making a promise you're setting yourself up for a fall? It'd be much simpler to not put yourself out there just in case the worse should happen and you aren't able (through no fault of your own) to fulfil that promise. That would be simpler, definitely, but then how would the customer know about the amazing service you provide? You are your own best promoter nobody knows your business like you, your USP (unique selling point) should be shouted from the rooftops - so it's only natural your website should display the best you have to offer.

Take Next for example, after opening their Home page the first thing your eye is drawn to is their exciting new sale, promising cheap prices and increased stock. With the main photo ripped in half to display the offer, there is the impression that it has just recently burst onto the screen and the use of the bright colours makes the customer instantly aware of it. This helps point them in the right direction and makes them feel valued as they're being pointed to an area where they can save money, which in todays economic climate, everybody is trying to do.


There is a similar approach on the B&Q homepage. The page is strewn with promotions promising money off items or buy 1 get 1 free deals and links to display them. They (like Next) are also pointing the customer in all the right directions to capitalise on the best they have to offer.


Everybody is always trying to squeeze every penny, so these two sites (by making the money saving offers so evident) are catering to the needs of their customer and ensuring they know what a good deal they are getting. This will mean in the long run, the customer will likely return for more savings and for new deals.

Why is it important?

Your promise should differentiate you from your competition, it lets people know what you do best and why they should invest their time and money with you. With that being the case you need to ask yourself 'What is my promise?', 'What makes me better than the rest?' and make sure that the customer knows it. Have a look at your websites homepage - does it display any promises at all?

If you have delivered on your promise and someone has received a good deal or service they will return for more custom, as well as recommending you to all who will listen, the opposite is also true. So with that being the case make sure your promise is not only enticing enough, but eye-catching enough to draw people in. There is no point having the best deal in the world if people aren't aware of it!

On BT's home page they make people instantly aware of all the different package promise and freebies they can deliver. Were these promises hidden somewhere on some other page or difficult to access then very few people would be aware of them at all and as such they wouldn't get capitalised on.


Your Home page is the first thing your customer sees, so your promises should be instantly evident and enticing. Your promises are what separates you from everyone else and should make your business the only place the customer would want to go for their needs. They are your pledge to everyone that you can deliver these amazing deals and service and you are worth investing in.


Our promise

So - we hope you've enjoyed considering your promises. Our promise is to help you with your marketing in ways such as this - so if you have any questions or need help with anything design or brand related, you know where we are.

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