Maps: FREE Illustrator Tutorial

Welcome to this free illustrator tutorial from the Attitude studio! This basic tutorial will guide you step by step to drawing your own map and help you get started with building more details into it. So here are our 11 steps to a beautiful map of your own using Adobe illustrator.


Open Adobe Illustrator > Open a new document > A4



Find a map you’d like to ‘Trace’ - this map will be your guide throughout.

Create a new layer and name this ‘Guide’ > Drag the map you wish to trace into Illustrator and place it in the ‘Guide’ layer > Set the map opacity to 30%


Step 3

Create a new layer and name this layer ‘Roads’ > Open the pen tool (P) > Make sure there is no fill, and also be sure to add a stroke > Set the stroke thickness to the appropriate size of the roads (as an example, below we set the stroke to 17pt for the main roads)


You can see here a build up of the roads, try not to cram the map full of roads, but be sure to include all the important or appropriate roads for your map.


Step 7

You might want to add a few landmarks or buildings to help navigation.

We will do this by Creating a new layer > Rename it to ‘BUILDINGS’ > Using the pen tool (P) Draw the shapes you require, take off a stroke and add a fill.

Step 8

Below we also have steps 8 - 10 showing how to name these buildings.

Using the pen tool (P) draw a line within the road or building you wish to name (stage 8) > Select the 'type on path tool' (stage 9)


Step 11

Continue to build up the map, adding as many roads and buildings as you wish!

You might then decide to add details such as train stations, rivers, bus stops etc.

Once you have included these details > Delete the guide layer and hay presto you should have a beautiful shiny map.

Here’s one we made earlier! (download it if you desire on our 'Contact' page!)