How to prepare for an interview video shoot

How to prepare for a video shoot

We are often involved in producing video's for our clients that involve interview style shoots. In this blog post we give some tips and tricks which help our 'victims' through this daunting process!

DO'S - Things you can do to prepare

Be relaxed, try to have a general plan of what you want to say but don't learn lines as it will be essential you have a natural delivery on the day. Reading from a script will not transfer onto screen very well so it's best to approach it as a "chat" on camera rather than a formal presentation.

The camera crew can prompt with questions, and normally filming will be broken down into short sections rather than a long shot.

If you wear make up, consider wearing a little more than usual as more often than not the lights will be bright.

At the start, remember to smile - this will help you feel better and also make you more personable on screen.

DONT'S - Things to avoid

Be aware of your clothing. Try not to wear any colours that will clash with the background/camera. Avoid thin pinstripes, patterns or green coloured items (this is important if a "Green Screen" will be in use). Try to wear solid colour items of clothing. Also avoid any reflective surfaces including large jewellery.

In terms of what you are going to say it is essential you don't worry about mentioning everything. Keep your presentation simple maybe remembering three or for key points of delivery will come across far better than machine gunning the audience with loads of points. Remember any contact details, or additional messages can be added in on screen graphics afterwards.

Do not be concerned about making mistakes. If you stumble over your words simply stop and say the sentence again - this can be cut out in post production.


So we help this helps! If you were thinking of getting a simple video made of you or one of your staff explaining your business or talking through a product let us know. We have tons of ideas on how best to use video and utilise it to enhance your online presence.