How do you get your employees to engage with your brand?


Here at Attitude Design we would suggest that there are three stages that employees need to go through in order to engage with a company's brand identity.

Firstly, we all need to understand the identity and value of any brand. That it's more than just a logo. It's about a company's vision, mission, values and goals. It's about a company's reputation and culture. It's about the companies tone of voice and the look and feel.

Next, we need to understand our own company's values and how our role within the company relates to the brand through the customer journey and advertising. We need to understand we have an impact (positive or negative) on the brand identity whether we have spoken to a customer or are stocking shelves. That is why everyone is important within our company.


Finally, we need to understand that as individuals we have our own personal brand which may fit or clash with the company brand. For example a company's brand values may include 'openness' but we might not be comfortable with this and will need to understand how we can 'fit in' with such a value.

Once we have gone through this process we will understand how we can contribute to the building of the reputation of our companies brand by living it in our role.

Here at Attitude Design we can help you to achieve this!


To begin we would go through a consultancy stage, to help us to understand the goals and objectives of your brand. We would then create deliverables that will help your colleagues understand your brand and its objectives.

To engage with your employees there are two main options: face to face discussions or an online website.

Face to face communication can be the most effective way of engaging your colleagues. This can be through presentations or interactive workshops. We would then help you construct and facilitate these workshops and create materials needed to support and encourage participation and interaction.

If you have a wider colleague base, it may be difficult to communicate with them all face to face. To reach these people we would suggest a mini website which can be accessed remotely via the internet. This would contain an interactive online workshop. Together with face to face communication with other colleagues who attended a workshop; it would collate data such as the colleagues reactions, comments and feelings so you can measure   the brand engagement.

Each brand is unique, so we will help your colleagues understand your brand using a solution tailored and designed just for you to make sure you get the most out of the process.

If you would help with getting colleagues engaged with your brand, get in touch by ringing our studio number on 0845 0700 820 or fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page.