Graphic Design Portfolio 'Don'ts'


What not to include in your Graphic Design Portfolio


...include everything you’ve ever designed.
Your work needs to be relevant to the position you’re applying for and whilst it’s good to show you are versatile, your potential employer wont want to trawl through pages of your design work.

...start or end with your ‘weaker’ work.
To make an impression, begin with one of your strongest pieces but also remember the importance of a lasting impression and end with another strong design.

...have ‘weak’ designs.
Whilst you will have work which varies in strength slightly, if you actually consider a piece of work to be ‘weak’, you shouldn’t be including it in your portfolio.

...include your favourite design for sentimental reasons.
It might be your favourite design work but check it is relevant.

...use too much text.
Your work should speak for itself and it is doubtful the potential employer will spend time reading any text. If you feel it is necessary, add a title and a few descriptive words but keep it brief.

...include work to show that you’ve improved over time
It will make your portfolio look weaker. Make sure you only include the best.

...include too many examples.
If you have lots of relevant work you may be tempted to include it all but it is important to be selective.

...pad it out.
You don’t need to add work just to pad out your portfolio as a few good examples that show diversity will look stronger and make more of an impression.

...include similar designs.
Your potential employer wants to see diversity.

...forget to update your portfolio.
When you have some new great work to add to your portfolio, a good tip is to take out some outdated work. We are all always learning and our work continues to develop so refresh your portfolio regularly to reflect your current level.

...have one fixed portfolio.
You need to be able to adapt your portfolio depending on the position you are applying for.

...lower the standard.
Once you have a piece of work that you consider to be your strongest, never add anything to your portfolio that isn’t up to the standard of that particular piece. This is a great tip for ensuring a high standard portfolio.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please let us know!