Autumn Portfolio

HeaderAutumn has almost gone, and we are starting to feel winter in the air! It's our first winter in the new studio and with so many exciting projects in the pipeline, the Attitude Design studio are thrilled to share some of our recently completed projects. Check ‘em out!


The Nottinghamshire City and County Employment and Skills Board (NCCESB) are an employer led partnership integrating the employment and skills agenda at a local level.

Spoke is an employment and training portal run by the NCCESB. We recently designed and launched their new website and designed their brand identity. The site has a complicated backed content management system which allows the NCCESB to maintain the sites content. Visit the Spoke Portal.



Mustard Research are a market research company and insights consultancy based in Manchester.

We have been producing campaign direct mail postcards for them to send out to clients. Below are two of the recent postcards. The first thing you will notice is the distinct and impactful imagery on the front - what better way is there of grabbing peoples attention?



The Surface Finishing Equipment Group (SFEG) are a collection of businesses all delivering industrial and manufacturing equipment.

Their previous website was outdated, and needed freshening up - this is where we came in handy. SFEG's website is designed with impact - use of bold colours and a block structure; it is completely responsive and has been freshened up. In enquiring this, SFEG now have a new effective website which will increases brand awareness and can grow in the future, a website which generates sales leads and attracts new business, and also has the ability to create an effective and consistently applied brand identity and brand experience. We also developed and refreshed their brand idenity. Visit SFEG website.




Source BioScience - LifeSciences

Source BioScience is an international genetic analysis and diagnostics business serving the research and healthcare markets.

Since completing The Source BioScience main website, we have recently launched the new Source BioScience Healthcare child website, and most recently the Source BioScience LifeScience website. This extension of the brand allows SBS LifeSciences to present itself independently but under the Source BioScience family hood. A similar template is used but adopting the LifeSciences brand green amongst other elements that give Source BioScience LifeSciences independence and variance. View SBS Life Sciences.