10 Free Fonts We Dig 2013

Check out these free fonts we have found recently...

As you can imagine, we work with typography constantly, along the way we find so many fonts we love.
Here is a selection of fonts we have found and recently, either for there flexibility or for their distinct style. Some of them are also web fonts, so enjoy!

These are not our work, but to see where they came from and download for free, click on the examples.

This font is bold, smart and atmospheric. It has a funny way of being both dead cool and dead serious. Thick, straight letters with subtle edgy corners. Love it.

Impact. Use it really big.

Slightly rounded and tall, this font is smart, sophisticated and comes in a variety of free weights from super skinny to super fat.

Smooth and simplistic, this web font is great for website body text as it's easy to read, more interesting than arial and looks slick in caps.

Friendly and confident. Takes subtle circular forms, such as in lowercase "g". Nice.

Simple and clear, this web font is great for general online/offline use.

Tall skinny Steelfish looks best really large. Confident, simple and looks great white on colour and photographic backgrounds

Great for vintage print work and looks brilliant on a slant.

Funky Fugaz is a great display font for websites and logos.

Perfect for massive messages on hip websites.