Trust Point Signage

We recently spotted some really well designed signs which had been put up in a motor way Burger King and thought what a fantastic example of communicating a brands key messages to customers they were.

Trust point signage

This sign clearly portrays the heritage of the Burger King brand which helps to build trust with customers. There is also a little humor added in which makes the message friendly.

Trust Points

This sign again builds trust with Burger King's target audience as they portray themselves as being generous with the portions they serve. Again a little humor is added to make the brand appealing and approachable.

Trust points

Signs like these help to connect with customers and build trust with them. We would call these 'Trust Points'. For any kind of marketing materials (websites, leaflets, packaging etc) trust points are essential as they show the target audience why they can have confidence in your brand or product. They come in many forms such as testimonials, client logo's, qualifications or even clear and bold statements like we see in these Burger King signs.

Burger King Logo

Trust points are mainly most effective when it is expected that a design needs to make an immediate impact on a potential customer. On websites for example we consider trust points as extremely important with users only spending a minimal amount of time on a site if they do not feel it is right for them. Why should they trust the site? Why should they spend time looking further? Because they can trust the brand.

Having trust points in retail spaces and restaurants though is another great example of trust points - especially if they can be displayed as powerfully as the examples above. The added humer is also a master stroke! Great work Burger King!

Do you have any examples of great trust points on signage? Feel free to add a comment below: