Time Machine | Confectionary Advertisements in 1950’s

Treats from ages past

We all like to treat ourselves from time to time… so lets have a look at what tempted them to buy confectionary in the 1950’s. Just after the post war years, rations where disappearing and people were starting to have that little bit extra to treat themselves. Companies where working hard to restore themselves to how they were in the years leading to the war. Promotional posters and adverts were pivotal to try and start companies getting back to how they where before the Second World War.

Be Inspired

We have collected together just a few examples from this era. All the advertisements have included the product at the centre and have suggested a situation that you would need the confectionery. Where people have been included, happy smiley faces have been used at the centre of the advertisements. Most of the advertisements were based around festive holidays such as Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day; encouraging people to buy their confectionery for that occasion. In 1953 posters where based around the Coronation, just like most of our advertisements where based around the Jubilee earlier this year.


Fine Features

Simple typography has been used in each advertisement to compliment detailed illustrations. These colourful illustrations would be in contrast to the packaging of wartime rations. In particular Life Savers Candy and Dubble Bubble look particularly modern for that era with the use of white space and simple illustrations. Also, Life Savers Candy and Beech Nut Gum highlight how cheap they are, to show that everyone can afford their products. Later on into the era colour photographs are used to show the products rather than drawn illustrations.

Disclaimer: We are not attempting to take any credit for the above work – we have had nothing to do with any of the designs shown. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.